How to backup Mac to external hard drive using Time Machine

You keep on working 9 to 5 daily with a busy schedule in your office. You have to store important documents and office files and presentations in your Macbook. 

Most of you like me must be saving those lovely photos of your friend’s birthday party, prom nights, family functions, wedding celebration, your favorite movies, song collections and many more important files in your Mac.

Have you ever thought that if your Macbook air or pro is damaged or stolen or if your hard drive is crashed, what you will do to retrieve all those important office files, those presentation and documents and what about those great photos of your first date with your girl friend? What about those movies and song collections, you have kept on your hard drive?

We are never serious about losing our data because we never think of it, until something big happens and we are left without a back up. 

Do you have huge funds and dollars to spend on a back up analyst to retrieve those important files? If your answer is no to this question, then you are at the right place.

It’s very easy to take back up of your Mac on an external hard drive. I am going to share with you all such methods by which you can easily take back up of all your important data files.

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In this post, I will show you how to take back up of Mac to External Hard Drive using Time Machine.

How to backup Mac to External Hard Drive?

You need an external hard drive to backup Mac through Time Machine. If you already have an external hard drive then it’s good, otherwise you need to buy a new external hard drive.

Now a question might be arising in your mind, that what should be the size of this external hard drive and here is the answer for that.

The size of the external hard drive should be at least equal to the size of internal hard drive of Mac. 

It's good to get an external hard drive of twice the storage capacity of your Mac.

This post is extremely useful for people who are looking for how to take a back up of your Macbook pro or Macbook air. So please follow each steps given below carefully:-

How to back up Mac using Time Machine?

Time Machine is an inbuilt backup software feature of Mac provided by Apple. To use time machine, you need an external hard drive of at least the same size or it's better if it's twice the storage capacity of your Mac.

The first step is to connect your external hard drive to your Macbook. Once your external hard drive is connected to Mac, you will get a pop up window like this with a prompt which will ask you to use the drive to back up with Time Machine. The message will be as follows as shown in the image below:-

Do you want to use My Backup (1TB) to back up with Time Machine?

Click on Use as Backup Disk. If you selected the check box next to Encrypt Backup Disk, then it will be accessible to users only with password.

There might be possibility that Time Machine doesn’t ask you to choose a back up disk automatically after you connect your external hard drive.So in that case, you can follow these steps:-

1. Click on Apple logo on the top left corner of your screen.

2. Select System Preferences from the drop down menu,

3. Click on Time Machine.

4. Click Select Backup Disk...  as shown in the image below.

5. Browse and select your external hard drive.

6. Click Use Disk in the bottom right corner.

7. Check Backup Automatically as shown in the image above. This will tell Time Machine to take automatic backup of your Mac regularly. If you don't want automatic backup then uncheck this option.

8. You can also create a short cut to Show Time Machine in menu bar by checking this option. If you don't want to show, then please uncheck this option.

9. You can also use the option of Skip this Backup or Stop Backing Up to cancel a backup in progress.

10. You can exclude items from your backup which you don't want. For that you have to click on Options... as you can see in the image above and then click + sign and select the items you don't want to backup.

Your first backup may take a little longer time depending upon the size of internal hard drive of your Mac. But there is nothing to worry over here as you can still use Mac while the backup is in progress.

When you are done with all the steps mentioned above you have successfully backed up your data on an external hard drive.

Thanks for reading this post. Do let me know through your comments how this article has helped you in taking backup of your Macbook.

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