How to change administrator on Windows 10

Windows 10 is a pretty good operating system when it comes to User accounts and Administrator accounts. Whenever we do a fresh installation of Windows 10 operating system we need to create a user account. 

The first account we create during installation process is always an Administrator account which allows us to manage all features of computer.

Most of the time it happens that some family member, relative or friends wanted to access our computer and we create a Guest account for them like the earlier versions of Windows.

But in Windows 10 there is no such option for Guest Users. We can create a Standard User for them to access our PC.

How to change administrator on Windows 10

Yes, the new version of Windows 10 offers two types of account which you can create at present. The first one is the Standard User Account (to give access to any family member, friends or relative) and the second one is the Administrator Account (the person who will manage the pc).

Standard User Features:  In this account, the users have limited access and no admin privileges and rights are given to the standard user. The control in this user account is limited. The user can change their own account settings, but can’t interfere with other user account settings.

Standard users are not allowed to install or uninstall new programs, but that depends on admin whether he wants to give rights to a standard user or not. The installation can be done on Standard user account only after entering the Administrator name and password.

Administrator Features: The admin have all privileges and rights to modify, keep, delete, install and uninstall any programs. The admin has complete control on the overall system. The admin can delete a standard user account, but a user cannot do the vice versa. So in short Administrator is the king of the computer.

In this post I am going to share how to change administrator on Windows 10. Please read the complete post and follow the method given here step by step below. But before that don’t forget to subscribe to my email list as I am going to update this post in future based on technology updates.

How to change administrator on Windows 10?

1. First we need to change the user account type in Settings. For that we have to open the Settings menu. Press Windows + I key on your keyboard to open Settings.

2. Click on Accounts as shown in the image below.

3. Click on Family and other users and you will see the User name of the Local account as shown in the image below.

On the next window you will get the option to change the account type.

 4. Under Other users select the user name you want to change and click on Change account type. You will get this window as shown below.

How to change administrator on Windows 10

5. Here you need to Change account type from the drop down menu and select Administrator and click Ok. In order to do this change you need to login from an administrator account. If you are doing this from a Standard user account then you will not be able to change the account type.

By this way the user account will get the admin rights and privileges of the computer. The administrator rights should be given to a person who knows the system very well. So please keep this is concern before giving admin rights to any user account.

Do let me know if you have any thoughts or any other methods to change administrator on Windows 10 through comments below.

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