100 Best Funny Cool Clever Creative and Good WiFi Names

A wireless network is identified through its WiFi name. It is also called as SSID (Set Service Identifier). It is only visible to people staying near your WiFi connection when you on the hotspot device on your Android mobile, iPhone, iPad, Tablet or Router.

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When you buy a new smart phone or a router it comes with a default WiFi manufacturer name. Most probably the Manufacturer name + device’s model no. is the default WiFi name in every device. For example:- Lenovo-A2010. Many users change this name with their own name and customized it as per their requirement.

In my previous article I have written about How to open Facebook full site desktop version on iPhone and Android smartphones? In this post I will list best WiFi names.

100 best funny cool clever creative and good wifi router names

Many people want to warn their neighbors that please do not try to steal or access my WiFi connection by making unique, creative and aggressive WiFi names.

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Sometimes you do this to surprise your friends or a beautiful girl who has recently shifted to your neighborhood. As you are reading this post you also might be looking for a unique, creative or funny WiFi names.

In this post I will show my exclusive list of 100 Best Funny Cool Clever Creative & Good Wi-Fi Network Router Names. But before that let me tell you that the contents of this blog are updated frequently. So don’t forget to subscribe to my email list to get new WiFi names update in your email. You can also bookmark this post for future reference.

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Why it is important to secure your WiFi connection?

It is very important to secure a WiFi connection with creative and good WiFi name and password because using unsecured WiFi connection may open doors for WiFi thieves who might be constantly looking for free WiFi connection to download high quality HD movies or big software through your WiFi.

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Some people say it’s okay as they are rich and have enough money to buy bandwidth and distribute I for free, but what will you do if they used this connection to do something which is legally not right as the connection is registered on your name and if something wrong happens, the cops will come to catch you.

Also you may have to face an issue of slow internet connection if somebody is stealing your Wifi and then you will have to look up for methods to increase your internet speed.

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Good Best & Funny Wifi Names

Therefore nobody wants to take this risk and secure their Wi-Fi connection using unique, creative and funny Wi-Fi names and password. So better you also do that before it’s too late. There are several Wi-Fi names and today I will give you a big list of Funny, Creative, Clever and Intelligent Wi-Fi names.

50 Cool, Best and Funny WiFi Network Router Names

This exclusive list has the cool, best and intelligent funny WiFi names for your Android smartphone, iPhone, iPad, PC and laptop's  Network Router as follows:-

Cool Clever Creative Wifi names
- You are a gone case!
- Don’t Angry me
- Your bandwidth has expired!
- Buy your Wi-Fi
- Don’t waste your time here
- Bug in the system!
- Bring your daughter to me!
- Shall I call the cops?
- Love me, not my Wi-Fi
- Your grammar is bad
- Buy your own connection
- Don’t be a Wi-Fi beggar
- Shut your Dog up!
- Stop fighting with your wife
- $5 for 1 GB
- It’s too expensive!
- Why not buy your own?
- You are banned!
- You are fired!
- God show mercy
- Victory against evil
- Catch Wi-Fi Thief
- Titanic is sinking
- Your PC is at Risk.
- Plz contact your ISP
- TrojanVirus.exe
- FBI Anti-Theft Team
- Try Me and Cry!
- My Wi-Fi hates you
- Your PC is hacked!
- Bruce Lee on Security
- Arnold Wipe Them Out
- I am Wi-Fi Boss
- Pay me Stay free
- The Rock is Cooking
- Wash my Underwear
- Wash my Clothes
- You dirty socks, just get lost!
- Rotten Egg, shut up!
- Just move on!
- Keep safe distance.
- Close your Evil eyes
- Don’t spit on the stairs
- I love your wife!

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25 Clever and Intelligent WiFi Network Router Names

This exclusive list contains all good, clever creative and funny WiFi names for your Android smartphone, iPhone, iPad, iPod hotspot, laptop and PC's network router as follows:-

- Don’t Tease my Daughter
- One Complaint N U R Gone
- Better be Careful!
- Stay away from my LAN
- Do Not Disturb Please
- We can hear your bed’s noise!
- Do it silently please!
- My Wifi Loves You
- Your father is naughty!
- Your dog is disgusting!
- Your Wi-Fi bill is $999
- Last night I saw you naked
- You are still a child.
- The Wifi Password is Guess
- Your wife has good O O
- I would sue you for this
- Take my Gas!
- Fart on your face!
- Want Wi-Fi Smell first
- Wireless Gas Holes
- My Dog will pee on you!
- Go and wash my car!
- I want to burp on your face.
- Your wife is cheating you.
- Connect me for Identity Theft

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25 Good, Creative and Funny WiFi Router Names

This exclusive list contains all creative and good funny Wi-Fi names for your Android smartphone, iPhone, iPad, iPod hotspot, laptop and PC's network router as follows:-

- Johnny-Johnny No WiFi!
- I love bananas, dirty mind.
- Sharing WiFi for Durex
- Are you  John Dice?
- Bose DK Wi-Fi Thief
- You are such a gas hole!
- Nacho Wi-Fi
- Aunty is cheating you
- Why Fly Zone!
- No Signal, Try Later
- My Wifi name starts with F
- Your password is banned
- Don’t Miss Understand Me
- Only for Family N Friends
- Free for Beggars
- I’m Hilarious
- Wi-Fi has became cheaper
- You are my lovely princess!
- Wi-Fi King Martin Router
- Yell “Pussy” to access my Wi-Fi
- Use and Throw Not Allowed
- Your bank account is hacked!
- Your dog shit in my garden.
- Go and have Sleep Baby!
- Don’t disturb this is my time.

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Final Thoughts on Best Funny Cool Clever and Creative WiFi Names:

So this was my 100 exclusive and unique collection of all good, clever, creative, cool and funny WiFi names for your Android smartphone, iPhone, iPad, iPod hotspot, laptop and PC's network home router.

Do let me know through comment if you like these WiFi names. If you have any new suggestions to add to this list then please comment below so that I can include your recommendations also in this list.

Don’t forget to subscribe to my email list for more helpful tips. If you like this post then please give us a Facebook like below and share this with post with your friends from the social network buttons given below.

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