How to do Continuous Ping to a Host?

You are here because you want to learn how to do a continuous ping, but before that you should know what is ping. Go through this entire post to learn what is continuous ping and what command we need to give in command prompt in order to do a continuous ping.

What is Ping?

It is a way to check if one computer can reach another computer using networking TCP/IP protocols. It is a command used by system administrator to find the reach of a remote host. It helps in determining issues with network and helps us in resolving them.

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Ping commands are also used to check if there are any devices such as printers or servers at a particular IP address or not. The default command of ping sends and receives only four packets to find the reach of a host.

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What is Continuous Ping?

Continuous ping command is a command which helps to troubleshoot connectivity issues. The default ping command only sends and receives 4 packets of data. Sometimes we need to increase the number of packets to resolve and troubleshoot connectivity issues. There we need to do a continuous ping which can be achieved by adding -t at the end of the IP address.

Continuous ping are most often used by administrators to resolve slow internet connectivity issues and interruptions in the internet connection.

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The image below shows the default ping where only 4 packets are sent.

How to do a Continuous Ping?

Default Ping: The normal syntax for ping is ping <hostname/IP address>
Continuous Ping: The syntax to give continuous ping is ping <hostname/IP address> -t

-t is used at the end of IP address to ping continuously. The ping continuously goes on until the system administrator wants to interrupt it with CTRL + C command. This command is used to stop Ping in Windows.

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The below image shows a Continuous ping in Windows environment.

Steps to do Continuous Ping:-

1. Click Start, click Command Prompt to open the Command prompt window. You can also press Windows + R key to open Run Box and type cmd in it to get the command prompt window.

2. Once the command prompt is open simply type ping <your ip address> -t and the ping will start. (Please refer the above image to get an idea of Continuous ping).

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3. When you want to stop the ping simply press CTRL + C key to stop pinging and you are done.

So these were the steps which you can use to do a continuous ping to a host. Do let me know how this article has helped you. 

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