Mac shortcut symbols and keyboard symbols for beginners -

Mac shortcut symbols and keyboard symbols for beginners

As a Mac beginner, you might be wondering what are the Mac shortcut symbols and what does the Mac keyboard symbols mean. Even I was having the same problem when I switched to Mac. This problem is common among us because we come from a Windows environment.

Basically every user know what are the keyboard shortcuts and symbols in Windows, but when we switch to Mac, we have this confusion. There is nothing to worry as we at are going to help you all with a whole list of Mac keyboard short cut commands and symbols for you.

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In this post I am going to describe what does Mac shortcut symbols mean, what each key symbol represents as follows:-

Have you ever wonder what does Mac shortcut symbols mean? 

There are several Mac shortcut symbols. Have you ever wonder what does it mean? Read this post to get answer of this question in more detail as follows:-

Mac shortcut symbols

- Command

Option (Also called as Alt key)

Caps Lock

Mac shortcut symbols
⇭ Num Lock




Fn - Function

⇥ - Tab Forward

⇤ - Tab Backward


 - Eject

 - Space bar

@ - At the rate

Some of the symbols which I have mentioned here are old Mac shortcut symbols. They are still present in old Macs but not available in new Macs. So I have mentioned both old and the new symbols for users help. So please keep it in consideration and don't get confused due to it.

Have a look on your keyboard symbols and you will come to know which one refers to yours.

Mac keyboard shortcut and symbols

Apple have changed some symbols and the new symbols looks slightly different from the earlier ones. But they are easy and can be easily understood.

Now I am continuing with the remaining list of symbols as mentioned below:-


- Left Arrow

↑ Up Arrow

 - Right Arrow

↓ Down Arrow

 Delete Backward

⌦ Delete Forward

⇞ Page Up

⇟ Page Down

⏎ Return (in old Mac)

↩ Return (in new Mac)

﹖⃝ Help (available in some Mac)


⇲ End

Power (Some Mac contains this key too)

So these were the Mac shortcut symbols which will help beginners to become more familiar and friendly with Mac keyboard. Do let me know through comments how this post has helped you in learning these shortcut symbols.

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