Should I upgrade to Windows 10 Full Review & Difference Vs Windows 8

Many users who were earlier using previous version of Windows operating system such as Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows, 8, etc are upgrading their pc and laptop to Windows 10 OS because of its robust and vast features.

It was launched on 29th July 2015 and since then it’s near around 2 years now and people still love it. 

In this post I am going to explain the difference between Windows 10 vs Windows 8 and why it is worth to upgrade to Windows 10.

Windows 10 vs Windows 8 Comparison, Difference
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Should I upgrade to Windows 10?

It’s worth upgrading your system if you are using Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 to Windows 10 operating system.

With over 30 million downloads, it’s the best operating system with amazing features.

Windows 8 did not come up to user’s satisfaction when we compare it with Windows 7. So Microsoft took this into consideration to focus on the classic desktop experience and launched an outstanding Windows 10 operating system with best features.

User reviews and survey results have shown that people are happy with Windows 10 after Windows 7 operating system which Windows 8 did not offer. Windows 10 has plenty of features with best hardware support and improved performance.

Windows 10 Review & Features

It is the best Windows OS. It has a new Start menu, Edge Browser, Cortana integration. It has several apps with many new features as compared to previous versions.

Extended support for Windows 10 will be provided by Microsoft till October 14, 2025. There are many more features for you if you have a Surface tablet with a Surface pen.

Windows 10 Full Review

There are lot of features for you if you love note making with Scribbling reminders in the Sticky notes app. Drawing is easily with a virtual ruler inside Windows 10.

Best 3D map features with ability to pick two points on a map with a pen to check the distance and directions.

Windows Hello features added to Edge with best security to log into your PC using your face or fingerprint. It will also help you to login to website without hassles of remembering your user name, email address or password.
Battery saver option to maximize battery life. Boots your pc in a second with faster performance on SSD based systems.

Windows 10 vs Windows 8 Differences

1. Cortana - Windows 10 Personal Assistant: Cortana is a personal assistant created by Microsoft for Windows 10. It first appeared in Windows 8.1 mobile phone and became famous, which replaces the search function in Windows 10 and delivers an amazing search experience to users. Cortana search box is located within the desktop task bar. So this is a great improvement when we compare it with Windows 8.

Should I upgrade to Windows 10?

It is powered by Bing. It responds to voice commands as well as type commands. Like we do voice search in our phone, we can use Cortana to give voice command to search anything. She is like your personal assistant. For example, you can ask her to find out latest information on Local news and she will give you all relevant results with top headlines. She can search the web easily. So this is one of the great feature in this version of OS. This makes Windows 10 a better operating system as compared to Windows 8.

2. Our lovely Start Menu is back again in Windows 10:  Microsoft has received thousands of complaints about not including Start Menu in Windows 8 version. Considering users love for Start menu and the classic desktop version look, like it used to be in Windows 7, they have implemented it in Windows 10 with amazing look and design. I really love the way they have designed the Start Menu. You can easily customize the Start Menu.

Should I upgrade to Windows 10

The search bar in the Start menu is more powerful in Windows 10 when we compare it to the earlier versions of Windows 8. 

You must have observed whenever you wanted to search anything on Google search box, as soon as you type some character Google shows you some relevant results in the form of words in the search box. Same type of feature is included in this search bar in the new Start Menu. As soon as you type you will get relevant recommendation from your local machine as well as from the internet.

You can easily pin applications in the task bar and unpin them if you don’t require. So here also Windows 10 is better than Windows 8.

3. Extended Windows support: With Windows 10, Microsoft is going to provide mainstream support till Oct 13, 2020 and the extended support date is Oct 14, 2025. So this is the maximum support provided by Windows 10 compared to previous version of Windows. I am not saying this. You can check it by visiting the official link from Microsoft for Windows Life cycle sheet.

Windows 10 vs Windows 8 vs Windows 7 Comparison

So definitely previous Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista support is going to end support soon as compared to Windows 10. So better you upgrade your system to Windows 10.

4. Dirext X12 for Gamers: DirextX12 is the latest version of Microsoft DirectX application programming interface (API) which handles multimedia tasks on Windows based system.

DirectX Support Windows 10 Review

There is good news for people who love to play games on their pc. Direct X12 helps make your PC games run faster without hanging in between. It lets developers target high-level API. This is a good feature in Windows 10 when we compare it with Windows 8.

5. Security features in Windows 10: The important thing which every person looks for in an operating system is the security features. People are worried about security threats reported by media nowadays. Windows 10 provides robust security features as compared to Windows 8 with Virtualization based security (VBS).

Security Features in Windows 10 Review

Virtualization based security makes it difficult for hackers and attackers to indulge with core components of the operating system. No need to worry about root kits and malware because Windows 10 makes it difficult for hackers to crack the system.

Windows Hello is an added security feature in Windows 10 which lets users to protect their computer through biometric authentication, either through their face, fingerprint or iris. This is one of the most powerful security system.

Then the other security features of Windows 10 also include Passport which authenticates after Windows Hello authentication, Credential Guard which protects user derived credentials, etc security features.

So here I am done with the comparison of Windows 10 vs Windows 8. The features which I have mentioned here are the main reasons why you should upgrade to Windows 10.

Do let me know through comments if you have updated to Windows 10 and if you have something to share with me on this topic.

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