How to Reset My Kindle Fire that Won't Charge/Turn On/Not Charging

Amazon Kindle Fire tablets are very famous nowadays due to its cheap prices, superb performance, eBook support features and last but not the least the support provided by Amazon to its customers. Due to its low price people purchase it for gifting purpose, for their self reading use, for office use, etc.

Kindle Fire is one of the best selling tablets on the internet. One major reason it became so famous and popular just because it comes with an Android OS. You can check your emails or read an eBook easily through your Kindle fire tablet.

Kindle Fire Won't Charge
But what will you do if you suddenly discover that your dream tablet is not turning on, your Kindle fire is not charging. I am you sure you will be looking for solution on the internet.

In my earlier post I have mentioned about 9 best sites like Craigslist. Today I will show you what to do when your Kindle fire won’t charge or turn on when plugged in. I will show you several methods which will help you learn how to reset a Kindle fire which is not charging or turning on.

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1st Method - How to reset a Kindle fire that won't charge?

First I will show you how to reset a kindle fire which won't charge or turn on. Follow the steps given below to reset your Kindle fire tablet using the power button:-

1. Press or slide the Power on/off button of Kindle fire and hold it for 40 seconds.

2. Keep holding it till 40 seconds is over. Use 40 second timer below to track your time.

My kindle fire won't turn on

3. Once 40 second timer is over release the power button.

4. Press the power button again to turn on your Kindle fire device.

5. If you can see the start-up screen, then you have successfully turned on your Kindle fire device.

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2nd Method - How to reset a Kindle fire using Recovery Menu?

This is an another method of resetting Kindle fire using the Recovery menu. If you are an advanced user of Kindle Fire then you might be knowing how reset or restore Kindle Fire using Recovery Menu, but still I will explain this method for those who don't know as follows:-

1. First you have to press Power and Volume Up button at the same time and hold them for at least 40 to 50 seconds.

2. You will get a recovery menu with Factory Reset or Wipe Data options.

Important Note: You have to navigate through the recovery menu using the volume buttons as the touch screen option doesn't works on recovery menu.

3. Navigate to Wipe Data or Factory reset option. You can select this option by pressing the power button.

4. Once you press the button this will wipe everything and reset your Kindle fire tablet to factory settings.

5. When you are done with Factory reset you can restart your Kindle fire device again and this time it will give you a start up screen with default options as per factory settings.

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3rd Method - Try Charging your Kindle Fire

If you won't able to turn on your Kindle fire with Step 1, then follow step 2. Most probably it happens that resetting doesn’t solve the problem and still the Kindle fire won’t charge and turn on. One reason for this is a dead battery.

Try connecting the charger which comes with your Kindle fire device and leave it on for some time. If you can see the battery screen with charging going on, then most probably the battery might have got exhausted. Let the battery get charged for few hours and then you will able to turn on and use your Kindle Fire device after some time.

4th Method - Try using different Power Source

If you are not able to see the battery charging screen and your Kindle Fire won’t charge when plugged in, then try using a different power source. Follow these steps mentioned below:-
How to reset my kindle fire which won't charge or turn on

1. Sometimes it happens that the socket connections are loose, so try connecting your charge to a different electric socket.

2. If it works and the charging starts, then the problem was with the electric socket.

3. But if it doesn’t work and you can’t see the charging screen and your socket is also working fine then try connecting another charger.

4. If it works with a different charger then its well and good, but if it won’t then you can also try connecting it to a power bank or your laptop or pc to check whether it is charging properly or not.

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5th Method - Try using Power and Volume Down button at the same time

This might work for some Kindle Fire 5th generation tablets. Follow the steps given below if your Kindle fire won't charge:-

1. Press the power button and volume down button at the same time and hold it for at least 10 seconds.

2. After 5 seconds you might see that your Kindle Fire device had turned on. This step will work for some Kindle fire tablets only, not for all. If your Kindle Fire won't turn on then try step 5.

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Final Method - Contact Amazon Customer Support

If all these steps won't work fo you then the last destination for hope is Amazon Customer Support.

Try contacting them on their official website at:-

They will definitely help you to resolve this problem. The best thing is that if your device is still under warranty period then you will get it repaired free of cost by contacting Amazon Customer Support team.

But if the warranty of your product has expired, then there is nothing to worry as the customer support team is well equipped with information and they are quite knowledgeable to solve all your queries.

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Final Thoughts how to fix a Kindle Fire that won't Charge

So this was all from my side about what to do when your kindle fire won't charge or turn on. Do let me know through comments how this article has helped you in resolving your issue.

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  1. I have 4 Kindles. The oldest, a Kindle Fire HD is approximately 4 yrs old. It recently started having issues with charging. We can sometimes find a cord that will work, but usually what happens is that it charges for about 15-30 seconds and then stops charging. I've rebooted it, and am considering resetting it except that my son will be sad about loosing his stuff. Is there another option?

    1. The issue might be with the charging cord as it is charging for few seconds then stops charging. Try replacing it with a new one and then see if the Kindle Device is charging. If then too it is not charging, then there might be some internal issue for which you would have to contact Amazon support.

      By this time the service warranty of that Kindle device would have expired. So you would have to pay for it and they will do the job for you.

  2. Oh my gosh! It worked. My kindle wouldn't turn on. I followed your directions and it came on. I am sending you a virtual hug and smooches. (Don't get excited cause I am 72). Thank you thank you thank you!!! And thank you for putting that 40 second timer gizmo there! I wish you many blessings.

  3. Option 7: do not buy a Kindle because after PaperWhite, they are made for crap.
    My PW is a champion, but not all the extras of the Fire. Never had any issues.
    Amazon cheaped out with the $$$Fires$$$. Got weaker and untrustworthy charging station.
    So if none of these work...Blame Amazon.
    To say that they are helpful troubleshooting these is not correct. They know it is an ISSUE and these now-cupholders should be recalled.
    Out of Warranty? No, steps are not given, they are not helpful.
    Amazon CSR tells you Go Buy Another Kindle. They can't help you.
    Sure. I will now buy a Reader not made by Amazon.
    They also censor which sites you can access on the Kindles. Try making purchases on Target or Walmart. The Kindle shuts the sites down providing a made-up answer. Their reviews are mostly FAKE.
    I was recently locked out of my account for 7 MONTHS, got a new phone #, couldn't verify. And I sell on there too.
    SORRY, Amazon is not reliable or helpful, their CSR is in 3rd world countries. They do not care about your third world country-made Kindles that can not charge once out of warranty.

  4. I'm on my 4th kindle in 10 yrs. The last one I had lasted a year and a half before it just quit charging. And now after 6 months of my new kindle it's doing the same thing. This will be my last one and with out the device Amazon prime will become obsolete to me as well. I just want Amazon to know I can know how to drive to the library to get books. If they want to keep their customers they need to make a quality product.


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