How to install MacOS Sierra on VMware Workstation in Windows

MacOS Sierra 10.12is a pretty good operating system and people love to upgrade their pc because of its amazing features with Siri integration.

Apart from Siri, it also has Auto unlock features with Apple Watch, Tapback in Messages app, iCloud Drive with Optimized storage, Universal clipboards, Apple Pay, etc.

If you don’t have Mac and you are a Windows user, then too you can install MacOS Sierra on your Windows pc using VMware Workstation 12. It gives us an option to create a virtual machine on our PC and enjoy Mac OS Sierra.

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How to install MacOS Sierra on Vmware Workstation in Windows

Earlier I have posted about Mac OSX EI Capitan installation on VMware for Windows users. Today I will show you step by step methods on how to install MacOS Sierra on your Windows 10, 8 or 7 pc through VMware.

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What you will need for installation?

Make sure that you meet the following software and system requirements before installation:-

Software requirements:

1. Mac OS Sierra .VMDK file with Unlocker 2.08
2. VMware Workstation Pro for Windows

Please note that Mac Operating System also comes in DMG format which you need to convert into ISO format to use on Windows Operating System. So if you have a Mac DMG file you can convert to ISO format.

System requirements:

Memory: 4 GB (RAM) - [Minimum], 8 GB RAM [Recommended]
Processor: Dual Core - [Minimum], Quad Core [Recommended]
Hard Disk: 40 GB - [Minimum], 80 GB [Recommended]

Finally make sure that you have enabled Intel Virtualization Technology from Bios before installation. Also learn how to clear Google search browsing history on Mac OS X.

Steps to install MacOS Sierra 10.12 on VMware Workstation 12

Once you have downloaded the above mentioned software, you have to follow the steps mentioned below:-

Step 1: Install VMware Workstation Pro

First you have to install VMware workstation 12 on your Windows pc. You can either buy a full version from the official website. I have given the link above. But if you don't want to purchase it now then you have an option to install the trial version.

You can purchase it later whenever you want. For now you can start using the trial version. Also learn how to cut copy paste on Mac.

Step 2: Patch VMware to show MacOS using Unlocker 2.08

By default VMware doesn't show MacOS under operating system. So we have to patch VMware using an unlocker 2.08. The link which I have mentioned above contains VMware Unlocker also along with MacOS Sierra image. You have to open the folder and right click on win-install and select Run as Administrator.

Make sure that before you do this before you have closed VMware Workstation app. A command prompt window will open when you select Run as Administrator as shown above in the image. You have to wait for few minutes and it will patch VMware to show MacOS in the Operating system.

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Step 3: Create New Virtual Machine

After you have installed and patch VMware workstation, just launch VMware Workstation Pro and follow the steps mentioned below. 

1. Click on Create a New Virtual Machine.

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2. If you are an advanced user and have good knowledge about VMware then you select Custom (advanced) option, otherwise Choose Typical (recommended) option as shown below in the image and click Next.

3. In the Guest Operating System Installation window select I will install the operating system later as shown below in the image and click Next.

4. Now here you can see the role of VMware Unlocker. If you don't patch VMware with unlocker, then you won't see Apple Mac OS X option in the Select a Guest Operating System window, but as we have done the patch so we can see this option.

Also learn How to uninstall Java on Mac OS X.

Simply select Apple Mac OS X from Guest operating system and macOS 10.12 from Version and click Next as shown below in the image.

5. Now you have to Name your Virtual Machine. I have chosen macOS 10.12 Sierra. You can write any name as per your preference.

You can also change the Location of the Virtual machine folder if you prefer, but I have gone with the default options.

When you are done naming your virtual machine and choosing your preferred location, click Next as shown above.

6. Then next you have to specify disk capacity. I have less disk space so I have chosen 60 GB, but you can increase it as per your preference.

Select Split virtual disk into multiple files and click Next as shown below.

7. You will get Customize Hardware... option in the next window. If you don't wat to change hardware configuration for your virtual machine, then you can go with default settings and click Finish.

But if you want to customize hardware configuration, then don't click Finish and follow Step 4 below.

Step 4: Customize Hardware configurations

1. Click Customize Hardware... as shown below in the image.

 2. Select Hard Disk (SATA) and click Remove as shown below.

3. Now Click Add... as shown below in the image.

4. Add Hardware Wizard will arrive as shown below. Select Hard disk from Hardware types and click Next.

5. For Select a Disk Type choose SATA (Recommended) from the options given below and click Next.

6. In the next window of Select a Disk, you have to choose Use an existing virtual disk option as shown below and click Next.

7. You will get Select an Existing Disk window as shown below. Browse through your folder and locate the path for MacOS Sierra 10.12 .vmdk file which you had downloaded from the link I have mentioned above.

Once you have located the path, finally click Finish as shown above.

8. If you want you can also change the Memory from 2 to 4 GB and Processor from 2 to 4 cores. Then you have to finally click OK in the Virtual Machine Settings window.

Step 5: Edit MacOs Sierra .Vmx file

1. Open Virtual Machine Folder of Mac OS X from Documents\Virtual Machines\macOs 10.12 Sierra folder.
Right click on the .vmx file and select Open with option and then select Notepad as shown below in the image.

2. Copy this code: smc.version = "0" and paste this in the notepad on the last line as shown below in the image and Save the file.

Step 6: Power On macOS Sierra 10.12 Virtual Machine

Then in the next step you have to click Power on this virtual machine. Now just relax and sit as the macOs Sierra installation will begin. Follow on screen instructions throughout the installation.

If everything works fine for you then in hardly few minutes you can start enjoying Mac OS X on your Windows pc. Also learn How to Ctrl Alt Del on Mac.

How to fix Unrecoverable error: (vcpu-0)

Suppose if you are getting an unrecoverable error: (vcpu-0) during installation which happens in my case, that's why I would want to inform you about this. You can follow the steps mentioned below to resolve this:-

Copy this path:- %PROGRAMDATA%\VMware\VMware Workstation\
Paste it in Windows Explorer Folder's address bar and press Enter

You will get VMware Workstation configuration files as shown below. Just right click on config, choose Open with and select Notepad.

Finally paste smc.version = "0" on the last line as shown below in the notepad and save the file. This has worked for me and will work for you too.

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Once you are done with this step, repeat step 6 and power on the virtual machine again. This time you have successfully resolved the error and the macOS Sierra 10.12 installation would have begun on your Windows pc.

Finally Enjoy your Mac and have fun.

Do let me know through comments how this post has helped you in installing MacOS Sierra 10.12 on your Windows pc using VMware Workstation 12. 

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