How to Enter/Access/Get into Bios of your System

You might be looking for ways to enter Bios of your system for several reasons. Some of which includes change of boot order, manage memory settings, reset Bios password, etc. 

It’s very easy to access Bios of your system if you are aware of the key combinations which you need to press to get into Bios set up utility. This tutorial will be helpful for all those people who had recently purchased a brand new laptop and looking for methods to enter Bios.

If you are using an Acer, Asus, Dell, Lenovo, HP, Toshiba or Sony Vaio laptop and wanted to know how to enter Bios, then you can read my post on Bios key by Computer Manufacturer Name.

How to enter Bios of your system?

I had also purchased a Lenovo G50-80 model laptop recently after quitting on my old desktop. As it was a DOS model, so I was having problem while entering Bios.

Normally we can get into Bios by pressing F2 key or Del key. But when I learn one more method to enter Bios, I was surprised. Lenovo has introduced one more way to access Bios by pressing the small Novo button.

Today I will show you both these methods in detail which helped me to enter Bios of Lenovo G50 model laptop.

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How to Enter Bios of your System - [Using Fn + F2 keys]

Follow all the steps mentioned below carefully:-

1. Turn on or Restart your laptop as you do normally.

2. Make sure that you press Fn + F2 key combination on your laptop before Windows start loading.

Once you press the key combination you will successfully enter the Bios Setup Utility. On several other laptops you may enter Bios by pressing the Del key or F1 key.

How to Get Into Bios of your System - [Using Novo button]

This is the new method introduced by Lenovo. They have created a small Novo button which will help you to get into Bios directly by just pressing the Novo button. Follow the steps mentioned below to enter Bios through Novo button:-

1. Turn on or restart your laptop.

2. Press the small Novo button highlighted in red color as shown below before windows start loading.

3. You will get Novo button menu with several options such as Normal Startup, Bios Setup, Boot Menu, System Recovery.

Select Bios Setup by pressing the down key of your keyboard and press Enter. Once you have done this you have successfully entered the Bios Setup Utility of the system.

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Final words on How to enter or Get into Bios of your System:

So these were the two methods which will help you to enter Bios Setup Utility on your Windows 10, 8 or 7 laptop. Do let me know through comments how this post has helped. Don't forget to subscribe to my email list.

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