Bios Key for Popular Laptop Manufacturers [Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sony]

You might have tried several keys to enter Bios of your desktop, notebook or laptop computer. But nothing seems to work for you and you have got tired of all this.

You might be a newbie or an advanced user who is looking to enter Bios to enable Intel VT-x. No worries, because today I will list all popular computer manufacturer's method to enter Bios through this simple guide.

HP ACER Dell lenovo Toshiba Sony Vaio Asus Bios key
There are several computer manufacturers in the market and everybody have their unique style to enter Bios. Today I will list all such keys which you need to press in order to access Bios Setup Utility of your system.

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Bios key by Popular Computer Manufacturers

Below mentioned is the list of all popular computer manufacturer with a list of keys to press in order to enter Bios as follows:-


Models: Aspire, Switch, Swift, Spin Series, Chromebook, Nitro, Travelmate

1. On Acer laptop computer you can enter Bios by pressing F2.

2. On Acer desktop models you can enter Bios by pressing Del.

3. On old Acer models, you can use F1 key or Ctrl+Alt+Esc key to access Bios.


Models: Zenbook, Vivobook, Chromebook, Republic of Gamers, Q Series, Rog

1. On Asus laptop press and hold F2, then press Power button. Don't release F2 until you the Bios setup screen appears. As soon as you see the Bios screen release F2.

2. In older laptop of Asus press Del key when the Asus logo appears on screen.

3. Another method is to press and hold Esc key, then press Power button. Don't release Esc key until boot selection menu appears. Move arrow down key to select Enter Setup and then press Enter key to enter Bios of your system.


Models: Latitude, Inspiron, Precision Mobile Workstations, XPS Access, Chromebook

1. On Dell laptop continuously press F2 to enter Bios setup after you power on your laptop until you see the Dell logo with a message Entering set up appears.

2. Some older Dell laptops either use Del key or a combination of Ctrl+Alt+Enter keys to enter Bios.

3. Other Dell laptops may use combination of Fn+Esc or Fn+F1 keys.

HP (Hewlett-Packard)

Models: ENVY 13, 15, 17, x360 / Pavilion 15, 17, x360/ Spectre x2, x360 / Chromebook / OMEN

1. For all new models of HP you can press F10 continuously as soon as you press the Power button on your laptop to enter Bios.

2. In some old models of HP you have to press F1, F10 or F11 keys as soon as you power on your desktop pc/notebook.

3. In HP Tablets, you can use F10 or F12 key.

4. Other HP laptops/desktop use Esc or F2 keys to enter Bios.


Models: Ultrabook, Thinkpad, Ideapad, Legion, Yoga, Chromebook

1. On latest Lenovo Thinkpad and Ideapad you can use Fn + F2 to enter Bios Setup. 

2. On some Lenovo laptop there is a small Novo button. You have to press this button after turning on your laptop. I have describe in my earlier article how to enter bios using Novo button in Lenovo laptop.

3. On older laptop you can either use F1 or F2 keys.

4. Some of the laptops and desktop use combination of Fn+F1, Ctrl+Alt+Ins or Ctrl+Alt+F3.

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Models: Vaio, PCG, VGN Series

1. Press F1 or F2 continuously after you power on the laptop.
2. One some laptop you can use F3 key to get into Bios.


Models: Tecra, Portege, Satellite

1. One method to enter Bios is by pressing the F2 continuously after turning on your Toshiba laptop.

2. On some Toshiba notebook soon as you press the power on button, press Esc to boot up and then press F2 to enter Bios.

3. On Toshiba Portege as soon as you power on the laptop you have to continuously press F12 to enter Bios.

Final Words:-

So these were all the popular computer manufacturers method to enter Bios setup utility of your system. At the time of writing this article, the models mentioned under laptop manufacturer's name were present.

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