5 Best Free Lightroom Alternatives for Windows Mac Linux

Adobe Lightroom is a famous photo processing and image organizing software created by Adobe Systems for Windows as well as Mac operating system. But it is a paid software due to which you might be looking for free lightroom alternatives.

In this post I will share my great collection of 5 best free lightroom alternatives with you. This will help you to process raw files from your camera and smartphone.

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5 Best Free Lightroom Alternatives

These are the 5 best free Adobe Lightroom alternatives for Windows, Mac and Linux as follows:-

1. Darktable [For Linux & Mac]

Darktable is one of the great free open source photography application. It is the best virtual lighttable as well as darkroom for photographers.

Darktable - Free Lightroom Alternatives

It also lets you to view these negatives through a zoomable lighttable. You can also develop and enhance raw images through Darktable.

It is one of the best and free lightroom alternatives which manages digital negatives in a database.

Download: Visit Darktable website to download the software.

2. Photoscape [For Windows and Mac]

Photoscape is another great application equivalent to Adobe Lightroom. It does several functions such as Renaming photos, Screen Capture, Splitter, Color picker, Animated Gif, Batch Editor, Raw Convertor, etc.

Download: Visit Photoscape website to download the software.

3. Raw Therapee [For Windows, Mac and Linux]

Raw Therapee is another great open source software which provides high image quality at 96-bit processing engine.

Some of its best features include, Advanced color handling, Enhanced exposure, Toning tools, Quick Thumbnails, Batch Processing, etc.

It provides great performance for multi-threaded algorithms with high efficiency. It supports huge variety of cameras which includes DSLRS as well.

Download: Visit Raw Therapee website to download the software.

4. Irfan View [For Windows]

IrfanView is another free alternative to Lightroom. But the bad news is that it is just for Windows user, not for Mac and Linux.

It is the first graphic viewer with multiple GIF, TIF, ICO support.

It features includes but not limited to Screen Capture, Effects, Cut/Crop images, Change Color Depth, Lossless JPG Rotation, etc.

Download: Visit IrfanView official website to download this software.

5. digiKam [For Mac, Windows and Linux]

digiKam is an advanced open source professional photo management application which provides all set of tools for managing and editing photos as well as raw files.

It uses lots of plugins to add several functionalities which helps to import and export photos and raw files to remote web services such as Facebook, Flickr, ImgUr, etc.

It has a simple, easy user-friendly interface. It lets you to connect your camera to preview, download or delete your files and photos.

Download: You can visit the official website of digiKam to download this application.

Conclusion to Free Lightroom Alternatives: 

These were the 5 best free lightroom alternative collection I have shared with you. Do let me know through comments how this post has helped you and which software you have planned to use.

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