20 Most Asked C# Developer Interview Questions

C-Sharp or C# developers are in great demand. Lots of vacancies are available for C# developer posts in big IT companies.

In my earlier post I have written on 9 important VMware interview questions for people who are looking for a career in VMware Technology.

Looking at the current demand for C# developers I have compiled a great list of 20 most asked C# developer interview questions in this post for aspirants looking for a break in an IT firm.

C# Developer Interview Questions

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C# Developer Interview Questions

1. Explain what is C#?

C Sharp or C# is a high-level, elegant, type-safe, object-oriented programming language used by developers to build robust applications which runs on the .Net Framework platform.

It is easy to learn this language and you can understand it very easily compared to a low level programming language.

2. Which IDE do you use for C# development?

There are several versions of Visual Studio IDE provided by Microsoft, but I use the Express Version 2012 for my C# development project.

(Here you can specify the IDE which you are using right now for C# development).

3. What are the advantages of using C#?

I have found that the Graphic User Interface (GUI) application development is the biggest advantage and it is so easy in C# with the Visual Studio IDE.

It's easy to learn, object oriented, high level programming language. It borrows concepts from C++ and Java and eliminates confusing error-related features which provides major bugs in code.

4. Can you explain the types of comments in C#?

C# has three types of comments and they are as follows:-

Single line comment
//This is single line comment marked with double slash.

Multiple line comment
/*This is a multiple line comment which starts with single slash and star symbol.
This is used to write comments for multiple lines.
It ends with star symbol and a single slash.
The contents marked between these two symbols are multiple line comments.

XML comment
///This is XML comment which starts with triple slash.

5. Tell me some important features of C#?

Some of the important features of C# include:-
-Standard library
-Properties and Events
-Constructors and Destructors
-Implicit Line Continuations
-Named and Optional Arguments
-Delegates and Events Management
-Integration with Windows

6. What is the difference between Array and ArrayList in C#?

Array has static nature. While ArrayList has dynamic nature.

Once Array created, you can't change it, but ArrayList can be changed anytime as and when required.

Array can store only a specific type of element. While Arraylist can store several types of elements.

Array size must be specified at initialization. While we don't need to specify size in ArrayList.

7. Explain Namespace in C#?

Namespace are C# program elements which are mostly used to organize several classes.

For example in the code mentioned below:-

System.Console.Writeline ("Hi Peter!");

Namespace is System.
Class is Console in namespace System.

8. Can we execute multiple Catch blocks in C#?

The simple answer is No to this question. We can't execute multiple catch blocks because once the catch block code is executed, the control gets transferred to the finally block and the code which follows the finally block gets executed.

9. What is an Object?

An Object is an instance of a class through which we can access the methods of that class. It is created dynamically. In .Net Framework, it is an alias for predefined type System.Object. A program can create many objects of a same class.

10. Why do we use Finally block in C#?

We use Finally block in C# because we can clean up any resources which are allocated in a try block by using a Finally block. And we can run code even if an exception occurs in Try block.

11. Explain Constructors in C#?

A Constructor is a special method which is called automatically when the object of class is created. A constructor has the same name as the class itself. It is mainly used to initialize private fields of a class while creating instance of a class.

12. Explain Destructors in C#?

When the lifetime of an object ends, a special member function is called which is known as Destructor. It is used to free up resources acquired by an object in its lifetime.

They are used to destruct instances of classes. A class can have only one destructor. One important thing to note about Destructor is that it cannot be inherited or overloaded.

13. Explain Using statement in C#?

Using statement is mainly used to release all resources automatically and dispose off the objects when the execution of the block is complete. It is also used to import Namespace.

14. Explain 2 different types of Errors in C#?

The two different types of Errors in C# are:-

Compile-Time Error: When checks are done or when errors occurred it is usually termed as Compile-time errors.

Run-Time Error: A run-time error is an error which occurs while the program is running. It is used for severals errors such as syntax errors, compile-time errors, etc.

15. What are Value types?

Variables that are dependent on Value types contain values. Value types have fixed length and are stored on the stack of memory. Value type cannot contain a Null value. It is basically a data structure which follows the last in first out (LIFO) principle.

Examples: byte, decimal, double, enum, float, int, long.

16. What are Reference types?

Reference types have varied length. They are stored on the heap of memory. Reference Type points to another memory location which holds the real data.

Examples: string , class, interface, object.

17. What is a Jagged Array?

An array whose elements are arrays is called a Jagged Array. It can be of different size and dimension. It is a special type of array introduced in C#. It is also called as "array of arrays".

18. What are Delegates?

Delegate is a reference type variable which holds the reference to a method. It can be changed at runtime. It is similar to a function pointer in C or C++. It allows the programmer to encapsulate a reference to a method inside a delegate object.

19. What is Method Overloading?

Method Overloading simply means creating multiple methods in a class with same name but with a different parameter. The compiler uses an overload resolution to determine the specific method to invoke.

20. List some Exceptions in C#?

Some of the most common Exceptions in C# are as follows:-


Conclusion to C# Developer Interview Questions

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