How to Convert Mac OSX DMG files to ISO in Windows 10

DMG is an abbreviated form of Disk Image Format. It is used mostly by Apple for their Mac OSX Versions. DMG files are mostly supported on Mac operating system.

But many of you like me love to use virtual machine and try to convert Mac OSX DMG files to ISO so that you can use it on Windows platform.

As Windows operating system doesn't supports DMG file. In order to make it supportable you have to covert these DMG files into ISO format.
How to convert Mac OSX DMG files to ISO in Windows 10

Today I will show you two methods to convert your Mac DMG file to ISO format:-
The first method consist of dmg2img tool and in the second method I have used Power ISO. Using any of these methods you can convert a dmg file to ISO format and mount your ISO file to use it to create a virtual machine using VMware Workstation or Virtual Box.

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Convert Mac OSX DMG to ISO with dmg2img tool

You have to simply follow the steps mentioned below in order to convert your Mac DMG to ISO:-

1. First you have to download dmg2img file. Visit and download dmg2img program by clicking on the win32 binary link as shown below in the image. It is for 32 bit Operating System, but you can still use on your 64 bit OS.

2. Once you have downloaded the file, right click on dmg2img file and select Extract all.

3. You will be asked to select a Destination for extracting files. Let it be in the Download folder itself and click Extract.
4. Copy your DMG file which you wanted to convert to ISO format in the Download folder.

If you had done any mistake in following the above steps, then you won't be able to convert your files and this method won't work for you. Once you have followed step 1 to 4 properly, proceed with step 5 below. 

5.Hold Shift key and right click on Downloads folder as shown below, then select Open command window here.

5. The command prompt will open, run the following command in the command prompt.

dmg2img <source file.dmg> <destination file.iso>

6. The conversion process will start with correct file names.
7. At the end you will get a message Archive successfully decompressed and your DMG files will get converted to ISO as shown below in the image.

Now you are free to mount this ISO anywhere you require. You can use this to create Mac OS X virtual machine in VMware or Virtual Box. It is ready for you to use on any Windows operating system.

Convert DMG to ISO using Power ISO

Power ISO is another tool which will help you to convert your dmg files into iso format. This is a paid software. It has a user friendly interface. It is very simple and easy to use.

You can visit official website of Power ISO to download the software.

If you are a person who requires regular conversion of several files in your business or work, then you can use Power ISO as your primary conversion tool.
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Final Note on How to convert Mac OSX DMG files to ISO in Windows 10: 

So these were the two methods by which you can convert your Mac OS X DMG files or any other DMG files to ISO in Windows 10. I would prefer using dmg2img as it is free and does the job very well for me. But if you are regular into file conversion business then you may consider Power ISO.

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