5 Best Evernote Alternatives - Note Taking Apps for Android/iPhone/Mac

Evernote is among the best note taking apps available for several platforms. But recently they have limited the Free account to just 2 devices.

They have also increased the prices of Plus and Premium accounts due to which many people are disappointed and looking for best Evernote alternatives.

That's why I am writing this post to help those users who are looking for free best note taking apps. In my earlier post I have mentioned about 5 Free Lightroom alternatives. In this article I will list all such great Evernote alternatives which will help you in note making.
Evernote Alternatives - Best Note Taking Apps

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Top 5 Evernote Alternatives - Best Note Taking Apps

Following are the 5 best note taking apps available for Android, Mac, iPhone and other iOS device users:-

1. Microsoft OneNote

OneNote is a stand alone note taking app created by Microsoft. It is one of the best alternative to Evernote. You can simply type your important notes in just few seconds using OneNote.

When we compare OneNote with Evernote, there is one advantage that you don't need to pay any subscription fee. It is completely free of cost. You can also add photos, scan printed text, clip web pages using One Note.

It synchronizes your Microsoft account and serve your data in OneNote app. If you are using Windows 10, then it comes pre-installed with your operating system, otherwise you have to download it manually.

Available for: Android, iOS and Windows.

Free Storage Space: 5 GB(Through OneDrive)

2. Google Keep

Google Keep is another great note taking app developed by Google. User friendly interface for all platforms makes it very easy to use this app.

It is among one of the best and free Evernote alternatives. It's features includes but are not limited to time based reminder, checkbox list notes, color codes, share option, OCR for images, voice based notes and many more.

It is integrated with your Google account and other Google services such as Google Drive, etc.

Available For: Android, iOS, Chrome extension

Free Storage Space: Unlimited (storage via Google Drive attachments)

3. Simple Notes

Simple note is another great alternative to Evernote. It is one of the best note taking app which supports text-based notes.

The user interface is so simple and easy that even a beginner can understand it very easily. It includes features such as note sharing, synchronization with several devices, accessible via web.

It also supports third-party synchronization services such as Notational Velocity and nVault.

One of it's great features includes Notes History. It stores your Notes History so that you can revert back whenever you want. 

Available For: iOS, Mac, Android, Kindle

Free Storage Space: Unlimited

4. Box Notes

Box Notes is another best note taking app which many people are not aware of because we have a tendency to use popular platforms like OneNote and GoogleKeep.

Its features include but are not limited to creating meeting notes, sharing your notes, plannning projects accordingly as per your requirement, etc.

It supports many types of files, tables and revision history. It also supports many types of color coded annotations. You can add color coded comment.

Available for: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux and Web.

Free Storage Space: 10 GB, Paid Upgrade options available.

5. Toodle Do

Last but not the least Toodle Do is another great Evernote alternative. It is one of the best note taking app with unique features.

It keeps tasks and notes seperately under two different tabs. Easy to use interface makes this app much more user-friendly. Some people might not find Toodle Do as the best apps for note taking when we talk about other 4 apps which I have mentioned above due to it's look and appearance.

But still it can be used for sorting tasks and notes separately. It is free for Android users, but the iOS version is paid.

You can integrate your Google account with Toodle Do.

Available for: Android, iOS, Web, Third Party App Support

Free Storage Space: Free space is limited, Paid options available.

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Final Though on Top 5 Best Evernote Alternatives:

So this was my collection of top 5 best Evernote alternatives. You can take digital notes on your device. Now I leave it to you, you can use any of the above 5 note taking apps mentioned above as per the device you have.

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