How to Wipe or Reset Chromebook - Simply Explained

If you find that your Chromebook has become frozen and it is not working properly like it used to do earlier, then it would be good to wipe or reset your Chromebook. This step will not wipe your data.

Sometimes it happens that while working on Chromebook for a long time it gets frozen suddenly and might not respond.

So in order to resolve this issue we have to reset Chromebook by following any of the steps mentioned below in this guide.
How to Wipe or Reset Chromebook

In my earlier article I have written on how to do Caps lock in Chromebook. In this post I will show steps to reset your Chromebook. But before that please subscribe to my email list to receive helpful tips of this blog directly in your Email.
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How to Reset Frozen Chromebook?

The steps to reset varies depending on the brand (Acer, Lenovo, HP, Asus, Samsung) you have. If your Chromebook is frozen then you can reset it by following the simple steps given below:-

#1. Shortcut to reset your Chromebook 

Press Power key and Refresh key together to do a force restart.
Reset Chromebook

In some brands you will have the reset button located inside a hole on the device body itself. In that case you have to press that button using a pen or a paperclip in order to do a force restart.

Here you are just doing a simple restart of your frozen Chromebook because we don't want to wipe our data. A restart will simply help out and you would be able to use it again and continue your work.

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#2. Power Off  and Restart

Another method to reset your frozen Chromebook is to press and hold the Power button until it turns off. And then again press the Power button to turn on the Chromebook. This will resolve the issue.

Final Words on to Wiping or Resetting Chromebook: 

So these were the methods by which you can reset  Chromebook. Do let me know through comments how this post has helped. Don't forget to subscribe to my email list to get useful tips of this blog directly in your email.

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