How to View Linkedin Desktop Site Full Version on iPhone Android

You might be trying to access or open Linkedin Desktop Version Full Site on your iPhone, iPad or Android phone. But you are finding it difficult to open as Linkedin automatically detects that you are using a mobile device to access the website.

Hence they automatically redirect you to mobile version of Linkedin website for better browsing. Many people also had problem in opening Facebook Desktop Version and Twitter Desktop site. So I have also written about it.

How to View Linked Desktop Version Full Site
You may like to use the desktop version of Linkedin, but when you browse it through a mobile device some of the features might not be accessible in mobile view. That’s why you might be looking for ways to switch to Linkedin desktop version full site.

In this post I will share with you how to open Linkedin desktop site on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. But before that I will request you to subscribe to my email list to get helpful tips of this blog directly in your email as the contents of this blogs are updated frequently.

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In order to use Linkedin Desktop site on your iPhone or Android you should have Google Chrome browser installed on your phone. If you have not done this, then you can install Chrome from Google Play Store or Apple store.

Note: The method mentioned below is common for Android, iPhone and other iOS users if you are using Google Chrome browser.

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How to open Linkedin Desktop Version Full Site - For Android, iPhone and other iOS Users.

1. Launch Google Chrome and login to

2. You will be automatically redirected to the mobile version of Linkedin, stay calm and follow next step.

Linkedin Desktop Site

3. Enter your Linkedin username and password and login to your account as shown above.

4. Tap on the three dot icon in the top right corner of your phone. Also read how to reset your Snapchat password.

Linkedin Desktop Version

5. You will see a menu with an option to Request desktop site of Linkedin as shown below. Just tap and check mark the box next to Request Desktop Desktop site option.

Linkedin Desktop Site on Android

6. Once you are done with this you can enjoy Linkedin Desktop Version Full Site as shown below in the image.

Linkedin Desktop Site on iPhone
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Final Thoughts on How to View Linkedin Desktop Site Full Version:

So it is quite simple to open Linkedin Desktop version full site by simply using Google Chrome browser request desktop site feature. This method is applicable for both iPhone as well as Android users.

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