Spell Check Not Working - How to Turn On Spell Check in Word

There are several cases of spelling errors when we type a document or transcribe an image to text. Most of the times it happens that Spell check is not working in Word and you might really got fed up of this and want some solution to fix this.

In Word 2016, we have inbuilt tools to check document for spelling errors. Spell Checker is one of the best proofreading tool to check for spelling errors. In my earlier post I have mentioned about how to change ruler from inches to cm in Word.

Today I will share with you how to turn on spell check in Word. But before that please subscribe to my email list as the contents of this blog are updated frequently and you might miss an interesting topic posted by us.

How to Turn on Spell Check in Word?

This step will enable and turn on spell check in Word. It fix misspelt words and other common typo errors. Follow the steps mentioned below to turn on spell check in word.

1. Open the Word Document on which you want to turn on spell check.

2. Click File as shown below in the image on the top left.

3. Click Options on the bottom left corner as shown below in the image. This will open a Word Options window.

4. In the Word Options window click Proofing and scroll down to When correcting spelling and grammar in Word section as shown below.

5. Check mark the box next to Check spelling as you type.

7. Finally click OK button at the bottom of the window and you are done with the changes.

Spell Check Not Working in Word - How to Fix?

If the above steps won't automatically fix spelling errors, then you should follow the steps mentioned below:-
1. Open the Word document on which Spell Check is not working.

2. Click Review tab as shown below. Click on Language under Review. Then click Set Proofing Language...

3. Language window will open. Make sure that you uncheck the box next to Do not check spelling or grammar.

4. Finally click OK to apply changes and you are done.

Final Note on Spell Check not Working:

So these were the methods by which you can turn on spell check in Word. Do let me know through comments how this post has helped you. 

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