48 Best Clever Funny Deep Facebook Statuses that will get lots of Likes

These are the 48 best, clever, funny and deep Facebook statuses that will get a lots of likes. Are you surprised to see your friend's Facebook status and wanted to impress them so that you can get lots of likes on your Facebook status? Then you are at the right place because today I am going to share with you my exclusive list of funny Facebook status with you which will get you more likes.

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Funny Facebook Status that will get Likes

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In olden days people use to express their feelings with humor and memes to present themselves as a unique personality in front of others which makes people laugh and have fun.

But nowadays, as most people are using Facebook, it is a great tool to express your feelings through Facebook status.

Many people get happy due to likes they get on their Facebook status. You might also get happy if somebody likes your status. So why not put up a funny and clever status for yourself to get more likes.

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48 Funny Facebook Statuses that will get Likes

1. The best way to triple your cash is to fold it thrice.
2. Two things are similar in politicians and diapers, both needs to be changed consistently.
3. We live in a nation where Pizza gets to your home sooner than the Cops.
4. Hold my satchel, these are the words which will embarrass men everywhere.
5. My pillow is my hairdresser because I wake up always with strange hair styles.

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6. The issue with being prompt is that nobody cares about you.
7. Tomato is an organic product so you better don’t put in mixed products.
8. Marriage is like to go to an eatery, order something, and afterward takes a glance at the close-by table, and wish you would order that.
9. Got stuck in life due to some difficult queries, don’t worry Google will give you a solution.
10. Cash can't purchase joy. It pays for the web, which is a similar thing.
11. What is long, hard and has cum in it? Dirty mind! It’s Cucumber.

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Funny Facebook Status

12. Girls expose 90% of their skin when they wear a bikini, but men stare only at the covered areas.

13. Facebook in short Add Friend - > Approve - > Write on Wall- > Chat- >Block
14. Prepare to be in jail for taking my heart and playing with my sentiments.
15. The secret behind funny Facebook status that get likes is Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V.
16. In the event that you are reading this, be glad you know how to read.
17. Facebook is like a refrigerator. Truly, because when you are separated from everyone else, you open it to check whether there's anything.

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18. Don’t argue with an idiot, they will always beat you with their stupidity.
19. Funny Facebook status: You know what, last seat is the best place to fart
20. I am not 50 years of age; I am only 18 years with 32 years of experience.
21. One more Funny Facebook status that will get like is that when your friend is washing dishes, you put another plate on the sink for him.

22. When I say "It's a long story", it simply means that I don’t want to tell you that.
23. I can do everything but I can’t change my child’s diaper everyday.
24. Lipsticks are red and sky is blue. I have no mutual friends then who are you?
25. I like your funny Wifi name until it insults me.

26. Like friend’s list Facebook must also have Foe list as well.
27. Facebook is like a red carpet for people without an expertise.
28. I’ve stopped using Facebook to face my book for exams.
29. You are a player! I am the mentor here.

30. If you want to appreciate yourself, simply like your status.
31. If bathing is harmful for the environment then I am doing a major favor for the environment.
32. Single isn't to be miserable, and the relationship isn't to be cheerful.
33. I don’t need TV as I have Facebook.
34. Why are you staring my checkbook, have a look on your Facebook account.

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35. Your insight is the presence of mind I have.
36. Facebook should also have 'nobody cares' choice as well.
37. There is no rationale in why short jeans should cost the same as long jeans.
38. Being decent to individuals isn't being questionable, but yet this is growing up.
39. Nothing harms more than you go to unfriend somebody but discovered they have outsmarted you.
40. Have nothing to update your status on Facebook, imagine that you are busy at a gathering.

41. I am envious of my folks. I can never have a child as cool as theirs. 
42. Would I be able to click your photo? I cherish pictures of catastrophic events.
43. Two people are most famous on Facebook. One who get most likes and the others are men.
44.In the History of Days, the first 5 days after the weekend are the toughest forever.

45. If your friend is not right, then he is at your left.
46. We have one more person who is in blood relationship with us. Guess who? That's a Mosquito!!
47. Facebook resembles a jail since you write on its wall.
48. Don’t leave your friends alone. Disturb them forever.

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Final Words on Best Funny Facebook Status that will get lots of Likes:

So these were the best funny facebook statuses which you can use for your Facebook account. These are the fresh and trending statuses which makes people laugh and earn likes for you. Thanks for reading this post.

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