How to Change Owner on Chromebook

There are several reason people want to change owner on Chromebook. You might have got an old laptop from your friend or you might purchase second hand Chromebook.

In my earlier post I have written about how to delete apps on Chromebook. In this post I will show you how to change owner on Chromebook.

It’s pretty simply to change Ownership of Chromebook. In short you have to reset your Chromebook or Powerwash it. Now let’s get into more detail about it.
How to change owner on Chromebook

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The Administrator is the Owner of Chromebook

Like Windows operating system, in Chromebook also the Administrator is the Owner of Chromebook. The administrator is the first user who logs in to the Chromebook and has all rights and privileges to manage the whole system.

The Owner or the Administrator of the Chromebook can:-
  1. Change Date and Time Zone
  2. Change Network Management
  3. Change Sign-in Permissions
  4. Edit System Channel settings
  5. Edit User Account settings

How to Change Owner on Chromebook?

As I have said earlier the administrator is the owner and the first user of Chromebook. So if you want to change the ownership and become the owner of Chromebook you have to simply factory reset your Chromebook or if you are using an old machine then you have to Powerwash Chromebook in order to become the fresh new owner of Chromebook.

There are no other methods which will help you to change ownership of Chromebook except you do a Factory Reset. However, the good news is that resetting Chromebook is quite easy and fast.

Once you reset the Chromebook, you can login using the new user account and hence become the new owner of Chromebook.

Now the question is how to reset my Chromebook. Don’t worry as I have written a separate post on How to do a Factory Reset of your Chromebook.

Final Note on How to change owner on Chromebook: 

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