How to Enable Telnet Client in Windows 10

Microsoft has disabled Telnet Client by default in Windows 10. It is mostly used to manage several types of network devices that supports this protocol. It is managed by a system or a network administrator.

Telnet is a robust tool used for testing TCP network connectivity with the external hosts on a specified port. You might be new to Telnet and wanted to learn more about how to enable Telnet client on your Windows 10 computer.

How to enable Telnet Client in Windows 10
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How to Enable Telnet Client in Windows 10?

In order to use Telnet on your Windows 10 pc, you have to first enable it. If you have not enabled Telnet and trying to open it from the command prompt by typing the word 'telnet'. Then you will get an error like this:-
'telnet' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

 Follows the steps given below in order to enable Telnet Client on your Windows 10 computer:-

1. Right click Start button.

2. Select Programs and Features as shown below.

3. Now select Turn windows features on or off on the left pane of the window.

4. Windows Features windows will open up. Scroll down and locate Telnet Client. Tick the box next to Telnet Client as shown below.

Enable Telnet Windows 10

5. Click OK. When the Telnet Client is completely installed it will display a message Windows completed the request changes.

6. Finally click the Close button and you are done.

Verifying Telnet Client is enabled in Windows 10

To verify whether Telnet is enabled or not, simply type telnet in command prompt window. You will get this screen:-

If you can see Welcome to Microsoft Telnet Client, that means you have successfully enabled Telnet client on your pc.

 Final Note on Enabling Telnet Client in Windows 10:

So here I have simply explained how to enable telnet client in Windows 10. Do let me know how this post has helped you.

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