How to Right Click on Chromebook

When you switch from a Windows pc to Chromebook, you might be struggling on how to do right click on Chromebook. Windows has an easy system of right click, but when we talk about Chromebook it has a unique method.

In my earlier post I had showed you how to copy and paste on Chromebook. Today I will show you how to right click on Chromebook.

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How to do Right-Click on Chromebook?

To do right click on Chromebook follow the steps given below:-

Use your two fingers (index and middle): Chromebook has a unique style of right clicking. Click the touchpad with your two fingers (i.e the index finger and the middle finger) to open right click menu. 

Refer below image for example:-

Scrolling Up, Down, Right, Left: You can use your two fingers to scroll up, down or move right, left using touchpad.

Swiping between open tabs: You can also swipe left or right using your two fingers on the touchpad to swipe from one tab to another quickly.

Drag and Drop: If you want to drag and drop some items or files, you can do it easily by holding that item or file using one finger and then dropping it with your second finger on your desired location.

Final note on How to right click on Chromebook: 

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