How to Screenshot on Chromebook

Chromebooks are quite popular and cost-effective when we talk about laptops in general. When you switch from Windows to Chromebook for the first time you have several challenges in front of you like learning new functions, etc

On Windows laptop we have Print Screen key to capture screenshots. But Chromebook doesn’t have a Print screen key. It has a different method to take screenshot. You can either take screenshot of your entire screen or capture a specific area of the screen.
How to Screenshot on Chromebook
 In my earlier post I have written on how to right click on Chromebook. In this post I will show you how to take Screenshot on Chromebook.

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How to Take ScreenShot on ChromeBook

Follow the steps given below in order to take screenshot on Chromebook:-

The Print Screen Option

Print Screen Chromebook

The first option is to take full screenshot and the second option is to take partial screenshot. These are the shortcut key on your keyboard which will help you in taking screenshots.

Both these methods are explain in more detail below.

Full Screenshot on Chromebook [Simply Explained]

If you want to take full screenshot, simply hold the Ctrl button and press the Windows Switch key at the same time as shown above under the Print Screen section.

How to Screenshot on Chromebook

Once you've press both these keys you will see a notification that your screenshot is saved. These screenshots are saved in the Downloads folder.

For more information on how to find screenshots keep reading further.

How to Take Partial Screenshot on Chromebook

For partial screenshots you have to hold Ctrl + Shift key and press Switch Windows key as shown above in the Print Screen section.

This will let you capture screenshot of a specific area. 

How to Find Your Screenshots on Chromebook?

In order to locate your screenshots, you have to open the Files app and go to Downloads folder in your Chromebook.

By default your file name would be something like this “Screenshot 2017-19-12 at 12.50.18 AM.png”.

You can rename it later as per your requirement. 

Other Chrome Extensions to Capture Screenshots on Chromebook.

On your Chrome browser on Chromebook there are several apps and extensions build specifically for taking screenshots which is worth trying.

Here are some useful ones:-

Lightshot - It's the simple fastest way of taking customizable screenshots. It has simple interface and the best thing is that it is light weight.

Fireshot - It takes full webpage screenshots. You have the option edit and annotate your images.

Clipular - It is a camera and collection tool. It captures region, visible content of a tab. It support Google drive. You can automatically save screenshots to your Google drive account once you set it up.

Pixlr Editor - It is a popular and robust online image editor with which you can have full control of images.

Final Words on How to Screenshot on Chromebook:

Thanks for reading so far. Here we have finally finished explaining how to take screenshots on Chromebook. Do let me know through comments how this post has helped you in learning this.

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