What is IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service) in Cloud Computing

IAAS is the abbreviated form of Infrastructure as a Service. It is simply a fastest computing infrastructure managed over the web where you only pay for what you utilize. In cloud computing model, IAAS is the basic layer.

It provides the basic infrastructure such as the virtual machine and other several resources like disk image library of virtual machine, file based storage, virtual LAN, Load balancers, IP addresses, firewalls, etc.

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How were things managed before IAAS?

Before IAAS startups and SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprise) would buy their own servers, racks, etc or as an alternative they use service providers who provide services at a fixed cost.

Data Centers were needed to keep the hardware such as servers, racks, etc which were owned by highly skilled professional or third party companies.

In order to prevent the servers from overheating and for smooth functioning of everything cooling systems were installed for which continuous electricity was required which would make it quite expensive.

These way things were managed in the past before IAAS. After the introduction of IAAS these expenses were distributed among all users as per user requirement to maintain low costs.

Examples of Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS)

Some of the most common example of Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) are as follows:-

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Compute Engine (GCE), Linode, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, Digital Ocean, etc.

Benefits of Using IAAS

Some amazing benefits of using IAAS are as follows:-
It Saves Time: One of the major benefit of using IAAS is that it saves time. It is available on demand. It gives robust performance which makes it much powerful and faster. It helps companies to do development and deployment of their products and services faster by saving their time.

It Saves Money: Another great benefit of using IAAS is that it reduces infrastructure costs ad we don’t need to buy hardware for data center. We don’t have to worry about maintenance or replacing any equipment. We pay only for what we use with 24x7 uptime. So IAAS lets us save money.

It provides great scalability: Organizations using IAAS enjoy benefits of scaling up or down their capacity depending on their business requirement or on demand of their consumers.

Any time availability from any part of the world:  IAAS let’s organizations to access their data or resources any time as far as they have internet connectivity from any part of the world. Therefore companies have shown their trust and rely mainly on IAAS.

Final Note on IAAS:

Thank you reading so far. So here we have simply explained what is IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service) along with it's definition, examples, life before IAAS, tc. Do let me know through comments how this post has helped you in learning this.

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