How to Buy VC 2K18 NBA Locker Codes for Xbox One and PS4

VC is a term used for Virtual Currency used in NBA 2K18 game which will determine how much you will keep in line with the game.

VC can be earned by playing the game or you can buy it online with real cash. Many people prefer to buy it online mainly because it’s quite easy and fast to get VC quickly.

VC is mainly used to buy apparels, getting a stylish haircut, upgrading statistics of player or to purchase My Team Packs, etc.

In my earlier post I have mentioned about how to change system language in Windows 10. In this post I will show you how to buy VC 2K18 NBA Locker Codes for Xbox Ps4.

How to buy VC2K18 NBA Digita Codes for Xbox and PS4

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Best VC 2K18 NBA Codes Pack

I mainly do all my purchasing from the Amazon store as it is a trusted source and I am sure many of you might be also doing so. So let's see which are the best VC 2K18 NBA Codes pack below as follows:-

1. NBA 2K18 75000 VC - PS4

This pack provides 75000 VC. With this pack you can spend your Virtual Currency to upgrade your players in My Players. You can buy MyTeam packs to build your team many more things you can do with this pack.

You can also develop your MyPlayer and increase attributes by learning new animations with this pack. This pack is specially for PS4 players. So what are you waiting for. Get this VC 2K18 pack now from the Amazon store.

2. NBA 2K18 - 35000 VC - Xbox One
This pack provides you an extra 35,000 VC game currency for NBA 2K18. You can use this to upgrade your MyPLAYER. This is supported on Xbox One.

You can also use this to customize your MyPlayer with the latest gear. So get this pack now from the Amazon store.

3. NBA 2K18 - 200000 VC - PS4
This is another great VC 2K18 NBA Digital Codes pack for PS4 users. It has 200,000 VC which is quite a lot.

You can spend your VC in several ways. You can upgrade your MyPLAYER, buy MyTEAM packs, etc. You can learn new animations and customize your player with the latest gears.

So hurry now and grab this pack faster before any one else would do.

4. NBA 2K18 - 75000 VC - Xbox One
This pack is contains 75000 VC. If you are using Xbox One then this pack is specially for you. You can upgrade your MyPlayer and do many things with this virtual currency.

You can spend your VC in several ways. You can customize your players and do many things extra VC. So don't wait and order this pack now before someone else grab it.

Wrap Up on how to buy VC 2518 NBA Locker Codes for Xbox One and PS4:

So these were some of the best VC2K18 NBA Digital Codes pack available on Amazon for you to buy. Grab it faster before someone would do. Do let me know through comments how this post has helped you.

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