How to Request Apple Desktop Site Full Version on iPhone Android

You won’t be able to access several features of Apple website when you browse it through a mobile device and that’s why you are looking for methods to open Apple Desktop Version Full website on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Don’t worry as I will help you in this. When you browse Apple website through a mobile device, it automatically detects that you are using a mobile device and that’s why they redirect you to the mobile version of the website.

How to request Apple Desktop site on iPhone or Android Mobile

In my earlier series of posts, I have written the same method for users who were having problem in opening SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin Desktop Site on their iPhone or Android mobile. In this post I will show you how to open Apple Desktop site on your iPhone or Android device.

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So let’s get started with the tutorial. You will need a Chrome browser for this method to work. If you don’t have Chrome installed, then you can download it from iTunes store or Google Play store.

How to Open Apple Desktop Version Site on iPhone or Android?

1. Launch Google Chrome on your phone and logon to You will be redirected to the mobile site.

2. Tap on the three dot icon as shown below.

Apple Desktop Site

3. You will get a menu like the one shown below. You will either see Desktop Site or Request Desktop Site. Check the box next to this option.

4. Finally you will see the Apple Desktop site or Web Version site on your iPhone or Android mobile as shown below.

Enjoy Apple Desktop Version on your Mobile and have fun.

Wrap Up on how to request Apple Desktop Site Full Version:

So here we have explained in a simple and easy way how to open Apple Desktop site on iPhone or Android mobile. Do let me know through comments how this post has helped you in learning this.

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