How to Slow down a Video on iPhone?

In a web research I came to know that several people are having problems with the speed of the videos on iPhone. Most of them wanted to slow down a video on iPhone, but they are not able to do so.

Some of them were students who wanted to slow down videos on iPhone just because they were having problem viewing courses and the course material were just going too quick. So that was just making it more difficult for them to prepare for their study.

In my earlier post I have written about how to turn on MonoAudio in iPhone. This post is dedicated to all such students and all those people who wanted to slowdown the speed of a video on iPhone.

How to slow down a video on iPhone
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How to Slow down a Video on iPhone

You can slow down a video on iPhone by simply using a free app called Slow Fast Slow. This app is available on the iTunes App store.

This app works with all iOS devices and its new version is 2.5 at the time of writing this post. Apart from that one of the great thing about this app is that it is absolutely free of cost.

It is compatible with iOS 10 or later devices. It is also compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Features of Slow Fast Slow

How to Slow down a Video on iPhone?- You can control the speed of your video or slow down a video on your iPhone with an interactive timeline build in this app.

- You can trim, reverse and control the audio pitch of your video on you iPhone.

- You can add or remove points on the timeline to refine video speed on your iPhone.

- It works in a great way with slow motion videos.

Download the app from Apple iTunes Store

Download Slow Fast Slow on iTunes Store

Final Note on How to Slow down a Video on iPhone:-

So here I have simply explained how you can slow a video on iPhone using a free app called Slow Down Slow. Do let me know through comments how this post has helped you. Don't forget to subscribe to my email list.

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