How to Enable or Use Mono Audio on your iPhone

Mono audio is a great stereo feature in iPhone using which one can easily hear to audios when one side of your headphone stops working.

Many people who don’t want to spend quick cash on new ear phones just because their old ones have got damaged from one side can use the mono audio feature to increase the life span of their old earbuds.

In my earlier post I have mentioned about how to view LinkedIn full Desktop Version site on iPhone. In this post I will show you how to enable or use the Mono audio feature in your iPhone when one side of your earbuds is not working.

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How to Enable or Turn On Mono Audio on your iPhone

Enabling Mono audio feature on iPhone or any other iOS device combines audio channels of both sides and plays it in both earbuds to ensure all audios could be heard perfectly without any problem.

Follow the steps given below to enable Mono Audio on your iPhone:-

1. Go to Settings on your iPhone.

2. Then tap on General.

3. Then scroll down  and tap on Accessibility.

4. Locate Mono Audio and tap on it to turn on this feature by tapping on the On/Off Slider as shown below in the image.

Turn on Mono Audio on iPhone

You can move the slider to L to send sounds to your left earphone or R to send sounds to your right earphone or keep it in middle to receive equal sounds on both earphones.

5. Finally close Settings by tapping on the Home button.

Final Note on how to turn on Mono Audio on your iPhone:

Now when you have turned On the slider on Mono Audio, you have successfully enabled Mono Audio feature on your iPhone. Same you can turn it off also whenever you don't want to use Mono audio.

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