How to Turn On or Enable Developer Mode/Options in Android

Android Developer option is made for developer specially who needs several addition functions to test apps and softwares they are making for Android devices.

Android Developer mode allows Developers to turn on Debugging feature over a USB cable. It captures bug reports on your Android phone.

It also allows them to draw debugging information such as layout bounds, GPU views, hardware layers, etc on your Android phone.

Enable Developer Options in Android

In my earlier post I have mentioned about how to view Linkedin desktop version on an Android phone. In this post I will show you how to turn on or enable Developer Options in any Android device.

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How to Enable Developer Options in any Android Device?

To turn on or enable Developer options on any android device you have to follow the steps given below:-

1. Go to Settings on your Android device.

2. Now tap on the About Phone option as shown below in the image.

3. You will get an option of Build number. Tap on Build number 5 times until it says You are now a developer.

4. Once the Developer option has got  enabled, you will see it under Settings as shown below.

How to get Developer Option on any Android device

So this was the method by which you can turn on or Enable Developer options in any Android device. I tried this on my Lenovo phone and it worked for me.

It works in a different way for Several Brands

On some phones it works in a different way with a slight few tweaks here and there. I will mention the method to turn on Developer mode in some popular devices as follows:

On Samsung Phones: Settings >> About device >> Build number

On LG Phones: Settings >> About phone >> Software information >> Build number

On HTC Phones: Settings >> About >> Software information >> More >> Build number

On Other Android Phones: Settings > About phone > Build number

Final note on How to enable Developer Options in Android:

So here we have finally turned on the developer options by enabling it from the settings by simply tapping on Build number 5 times. This was the fastest method to enable any Android device to Developer mode.

I have also mentioned the method for some popular brands along with other android phones. This will help you in switching on to the Developer mode on your Android phone.

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