50+ Best Questions and Funny Things to Ask Cortana

Microsoft has programmed and prepared Cortana for millions of questions users have nowadays. They had prepared Cortana for all types of voice commands, problematic questions and funny questions, etc.

If you don't know who is Cortana, then let me inform you that Cortana is a personal digital assistant on your Windows 10 pc who is ready to provide you with answers and complete your basic computer tasks.
Questions and Funny Things to Ask Cortana
She learns and prepared to become more and more useful day by day. You can ask her to set reminders, schedules and events on your calendar and tell her to do lot more things which a normal human personal assistant can do for you.

In my earlier post I have written about How to buy Bitcoins online. In this post I will share 50+ questions and most funny things to ask Cortana.

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10 Most Funny Things to Ask Cortana

Below mentioned are the 10 best questions and funny things to ask Cortana as follows:-

1. What does Cortana mean?

If you ask her this questions, she is really prepared to answer that. She will respond to it sweetly “My name comes from Curtana, the legendary sword.” It is a famous sword which was owned by an English King.

2. Who is your Father?

She will respond “Technically speaking, that’d be Bill Gates. No big deal. She is quite intelligent as she knows Bill Gates is the owner of Microsoft and he has only started Windows. So he is Cortana’s father.

3. Who is your mother?

If you ask her who is your mother, then she will respond, “Necessity!”. She is quite smart to tell as she still require a mother.

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4. Can I change your name?

If you ask her this question, she will give a sweet reply to this question, “Nah, I like being Cortana”. By the way Cortana is a good name. So no need to change her name.

5. Will you marry me?

If you ask her this questions, she will say, “OK, we’ll need a plan. I’ll work on being more human, you work on being more digital”.

What an intelligent response, she knows that if she marries me, she will have to work on being more human. Who will take care of her work, then? That’s why she is telling me to work on being more digital.

6. Do you have siblings?

She will give a smart answer to this questions, “It’s just me, myself and I.” Look at her response, she knows she is the only one to help on all our queries.

7. Where are you?

If you ask her this question. She will respond, "In the cloud. Whatever that means." Its digital world and cloud computing is going on. However I am not sure if she meant that.

8. Why are you blue?

If you ask her this question, she will respond, “Maybe you’re thinking of my namesake… 500 years in the future.”  She is mostly referring to the color of app and theme by giving a future prediction.

9. What is your age?

She will respond in a naughty way, "Well, my birthday is April 2, 2014, so I'm really a spring chicken. Except I'm not a chicken."

10. Who's your husband?

She will either respond, "No. I complete me" or you will get a reply, "No, I haven't the algorithms for romance."

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50 Best Questions and Funny Things to Ask Cortana

These are the 50 best questions and funny things to ask Cortana as follows:-

1. Can you Cook
2. What do you eat
3. Do you like Pizza
4. Why are you Naked
5. Are you male or female
6. Where do you live
7. Are you real
8. What do you wear
9. Who is your owner
10. Who is your boss

11. Can you speak Arabic
12. Who is your favorite
13. Do you love animals
14. Do you like chocolates
15. What is your favorite music
16. Who is your favorite writer
17. Do you have feelings
18. Do you love someone
19. Do you have a friend
20. What's your favorite song

21. What's your favorite dish
22. Who's your favorite animal
23. Do you have pets
24. Do you like pets
25. Are you sleeping
26. Ho do you awake
27. What are you doing
28. Tell me a joke
29. Tell me another
30. Tell me a story

31. Tell me a bedtime story
32. Tell me a romantic story
33. Sing me a song
34. Why did the chicken cross the road
35. What is better Cortana or Siri
36. Let's go on a date
37. Talk dirty
38. Do you like sex?
39. Are you hot?
40. What do you like?

41. Do you know Klingon?
42. Surprise me
43. Dance for me
44. Sing Christmas song
45. Sing Birthday song
46. Sing me a poem
47. Sing a song
48. Can you talk like a pirate
49. Roll a Dice
50. Flip a Coin

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Final Note on Questions and Funny Things to Ask Cortana:

So these were 50+ list of questions and funny things to ask Cortana. Did you enjoyed it? Do let me know through comments below.

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