How to Unlock a Secured, Locked or Password Protected PDF File

We get very worried when our precious data gets locked and we have to look for methods to fix this problem. If your PDF file is locked there is nothing to worry as this post will cover up how to unlock a PDF file.

In my earlier post I have written about Spyrix Personal Monitor Pro Coupon. In this post I will show you how to unlock a secured or a locked PDF file using Soda PDF.

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How to Unlock a Secured/Locked PDF File

Follow the steps given below unlock a Secured or Locked PDF File:-

1. Go to Sofa PDF.

2. Upload your Locked PDF File
How to Unlock a Locked PDF File
3. After uploading your file, click on Unlock. If you select Dropbox or Google Drive, you have to sign in through these accounts in order to select the file you wish to unlock.

4. Soda PDF will unlock the PDF file and automatically download the unlocked PDF to your computer.

Once you have followed all the steps successfully given above you would have unlocked your secured or locked PDF file.

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Wrap Up on How to Unlock a Locked or Secured PDF File:

So here I have explained how to unlock a locked PDF file using Soda PDF. Do let me know through comments if you were able to unlock your PDF file.

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