How to Play Sea of Thieves Early using Xbox Game Pass

Sea of Thieves is amazing pirate game which is available for Pre-order in several regions. However there is a good news for Xbox Game pass subscribers.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers can play Sea of Thieves early. For that they have to change some settings on Xbox One.

How to Play Sea of Thieves Early

Xbox Game Pass is very cheap and it costs only $9.99 per month. If Sea of Thieves is not launched in your region, then you can play it with Xbox Game Pass by doing some minor tweaks in settings. Sea of Thieves is already launched in New Zealand on EB Games.

In my earlier post I have written about Eltima USB Network Gate for Windows. In this post I will show you How to Play Sea of Thieves early using Xbox Game Pass.

How to Play Sea of Thieves Early using Xbox Game Pass

To play Sea of Thieves early you have to be a Xbox Game Pass subscriber. Follow the steps given below:-

1. Go to Settings on your Console.

2. Change Location to New Zealand.

3. You will see an option to Install Sea of Thieves when you visit Microsoft store on your Xbox.

The download will take some time, so wait for a while until it gets finished.

Make sure that you have selected country as New Zealand until the games launches in your region. If you try to change the country then you will get a message prompt whether you own the game or not.

Final Thoughts on How to Play Sea of Thieves Early:

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