How many 16.9 Oz Water Bottles makes a Gallon

This is a most popular question of Mathematics which most of our readers ask nowadays that how many 16.9 Oz Water Bottles makes a gallon. Most people get confused with the measurements of ounces, liters and gallons. That's why we have come up with this post which will guide you more about this topic in brief.

Unit conversions is a challenging task where most people fail to get the correct values. Especially when we are talking about water there are several kinds of units to measure, like water is measured in ml (milliliter), L (liter), Oz (Ounces) etc.
How many 16.9 Oz Water Bottles makes a Gallon
In my earlier post I have written about 7 Best Laptops for School Work under 500 Dollars. In this post I have explained how many 16.9 oz water bottles is required to fill one gallon.

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How many 16.9 Oz Water Bottles makes a Gallon

Here we are looking for number of water of bottles. Each water bottle consists of 16.9 Ounces which could also be called as half liters of water.

1 US Gallon consists of 128 Oz. So the formula to find out how many 16.9 Oz water bottles to make 1 Gallon is as follows:-
Here we have simply divided 128 by 16.9. You will get 7.57 water bottles as your answer. So 7.57 bottles of 16.9 oz is required fill one gallon with water.

Answer: But here we are talking about bottles. As no one has a .57 water bottle, so we have to simply round it up to a whole number which makes it 8 water bottles. So the final answer here is 7 full water bottles and the 8th water bottle needs to be only 57% full.

Final Words:-

So I hope you would have understood how many 16.9 Oz water bottles makes a gallon. Do let me know through comments if you are finding anything still confusing.

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