How to Close Apps on iPhone X - Simply Explained

There is no home button which makes it difficult for most people to close apps on iPhone X. Most people think that closing apps on your iPhone will help to extend battery life, but this is not true. Restarting apps consumes more time and hence more battery usage is required.

There are several situations where you need to close apps on your iPhone X. Sometimes it happens that the apps gets freezes and you have to force quit them in order to fix this situation.

How to Close Apps on iPhone X
In my earlier post I have written about how to change Twitter password on iPhone. In this post I will show you how to close apps on iPhone X.

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How to Close Apps on iPhone X?

Follow these steps given below in order to close apps on your iPhone X:-

1. Swipe up starting from the bottom of the screen and pause for a few seconds. You'll see all open apps cards pop up appear on your screen.

2. Press and hold the app which you want to close. You will see a red circle with a dash appeared on the upper left corner of your screen each of these apps as shown below.

Close Apps on iPhone X
3. Simply tap on the red circle and this will close the app. Another way to close the app is to swipe up on the app card.

4. Once you are done closing the app, tap outside of the app card and this will cancel the app-closing mode.

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If you are thinking that closing apps will save your battery life then you are wrong because restarting of apps in fact consumes more battery and this will help you in no way. But if you are stuck in between and if any of your app is not performing as required or if it freezes then there is no option, but to close it. Hope you like this easy guide.

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Final Thoughts on How to Close Apps on iPhone X:-

Thank you for reading this post so far. So here I have finally explained how to close apps on your iPhone X. Do let me know through comments if you face difficulties in closing any of your apps.

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