Ivacy VPN Review - Is this Cheap VPN the Best One?

Ivacy VPN has been the center of a lot of attention lately due to its features and pricing. If you are hoping for a VPN that not merely masks your IP but also provides you with complete anonymity and security online, Ivacy should be your pick.

In my earlier post I have written about 12 Best Websites to Watch Free Movies. In the text that follows we will detail why Ivacy offers the best VPN encryption.

Ivacy VPN Review
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Ivacy VPN Pricing:-

Ivacy has all the relevant plans in order to serve your need. There are no free trials but for seven days you can experience the service with a money back guarantee. Although, money back guarantee clause is only applicable when certain criteria are met. During this period, you can avail 30 logins and/or sessions worth of 7GB bandwidth.

You can check out Ivacy plans by visiting their website. They have several plans which includes basic monthly plan, 6-month plan and the 2 year plan.

Payment methods comprise credit cards inclusive of Visa and Mastercard. You can also make payments with the help of Paypal, in Bitcoin and through channels such as BitPay, CoinPayments, Alipay, and Yandex etc.

Features of Ivacy VPN:-

Ivacy is based in Singapore and since its launch has been dedicatedly working towards the freedom of the internet. Some of the notable features that Ivacy has are listed below:

1.Split Tunneling

Ivacy was the first to introduce the Split Tunneling feature which makes the company a pioneer in the industry. With the help of the Split Tunneling feature, users are able to dissect their network traffic in terms of which data to allow over your local internet or LAN and which through a VPN.

2.Global Footprint

Ivacy has a global footprint because it boasts 100+ locations and has a user base spread over 50 countries. As a user, you can browse from a variety of servers and for different uses such as streaming content on Netflix, BBC iPlayer and more.

3.Wide Array of Connections

You can connect up to five devices with an Ivacy subscription, simultaneously. That includes your TV, laptop, and smartphone. You also have the ability to share the connection with your friends and family, even enabling you to share features such as Internet Kill Switch and IPV6 Leak Protection.

4.Online Security and Privacy

Ivacy offers a multitude of first-rate protocols. You can choose from either OpenVPN, L2TP, SSTP, PPTP, IKEVs, and Stealth protocol depending on your need. OpenVPN is easily the most secure protocol among all whereas PPTP is the fastest. Also, through Ivacy’s P2P servers you can practice torrenting seamlessly.

5.Customer Support and Available Platforms

You can expect 24/7 customer support from Ivacy. You can contact the company via telephone, email, creating a ticket from your Client Area or even on live chat. As for the availability, you can get Ivacy for Windows, Android, Mac and iOS platforms.


-        No browsing logs policy
-        Internet Kill Switch
-        Split Tunneling
-        Support for 5 devices
-        Advanced features such as NAT Firewall and Dedicated IP
-        Browser extensions for both Chrome and Firefox


-        No support for Linux
-        Free version Ivacy Lite is laden with ads

Howali Ratings : 8.5 out of 10

Based on the above factors Ivacy VPN gets 8.5 ratings out of 10.

Final Word on Ivacy VPN Review:-

At a connection speed of 7Mbps, during testing, we found the speed to be around just that. But whilst connected a loss of 0.45 Mbps was observed which isn’t really that big of a deal. Hulu and Netflix were easily accessible and we experienced no lags, whatsoever.

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  1. Great analysis. I have been using Ivacy VPN for quite some time now and they never cease to amaze by their super-fast connectivity and military-grade encryption they use to guard their users from all kind of cyber-attacks and data-theft.


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