False Rumors forwarded on WhatsApp led to Killing of 5 Nomads

Many false rumors were forwarded on WhatsApp by some angry mobs which led to murder of strangers in India.

WhatsApp is safeguarding its app after this rumor and they have circulated messages through their app about gangs and child abductors which makes angry mobs to kill people on the streets.

The videos of 5 innocent nomads who were killed in the rural village of Rainpada were forwarded on WhatsApp and made viral.

Message Forwarding Limited by WhatsApp

After this, WhatsApp has limited message forwarding to reduce spam and spread of misleading information and rumors.

Earlier users were able to forward messages to multiple group, but now in the trial message forwarding is limited to 20 groups worldwide. In India, it is limited to just 5 groups.

Mob Violence requires immediate and strict action from Government, Civil body as well as Tech companies.

WhatsApp has also launched education campaign over radio in India and they are working with Reliance Jio to educate people about Mob violence and misinformation.

What do you think about, what are your views on this. This should really be stopped and we should take action against it.

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