How to Clear Cache in Google Chrome

Chrome stores cache files like images and web pages on your hard drive to give you faster access to those page if you want to visit those same web pages or images again in future.

Many people don't want to keep this data as they are concerned about their privacy. Therefore it is a good idea to Clear Cache of Google Chrome regularly.

How to Clear Cache in Google Chrome
In my earlier post I have written about How to Find WiFi Password on Windows 10. In this post I will show you How to Clear Cache in Google Chrome.

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How to Clear Cache in Google Chrome?

Follow these simple steps to Clear Cache of your Google Chrome browser:-

1. Click on the 3 dot icon at the top right corner on Google Chrome as shown below.

2. Then click on More tools>> Clear browsing data... as shown below. Alternatively you can also press Ctrl + Shift + Delete keys on Windows and Command + Shift + Delete on Mac.

Clear Cache in Google Chrome

3. Select the Time range from which you want to delete the cache files. I have selected All time. You can select any time range as per your preference.

4. Make sure that you've checked the box next to Cached images and files.


5. Finally click on the Clear data button and this will delete all cached images and files from the time range you've selected in earlier step.

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Clear Google Account Data Online

Google stores your browsing data in your Google account. You can clear that browsing data by following the steps given below:-

Go to Google – My Activity page from your browser and do any of the following ways as per your requirements:-

1. Select the three dot-icon next to the website you have visited in the past as shown below and then select Delete.

You will be prompted that this will Delete the Data from your Google. Just confirm that and you are done.

2. Another option is to click on Delete activity by on the left pane as shown below.
You will get this window once you click on Delete activity by. Here you can specify the period from which you want to Delete the data under Delete by date as shown below. You can also select which Google products you want to delete the data for like Android, Gmail, Google Apps, Google News, Google Play Store, Maps, etc.

Finally click on the Delete button. You will prompted to confirm this. Once you are done through all these steps you would have successfully deleted your online Google account data.

Final Thoughts on How to Clear Cache in Google Chrome:-

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