How to Cancel SoundCloud Go/Go+ Subscription on Android, iPhone/iPad

There are several reasons users want to cancel their SoundCloud subscription. Some users cancel it just because they are not getting their favorite artist music tracks. At the other hand some people cancel it just because they have got a new music platform other than SoundCloud for finding their favorite musics or song tracks.

In my earlier post I have written about how to download SoundCloud songs. In this post I will show you How to Cancel SoundCloud Go/Go+ Subscription on iPhone, iPad or Android by following our simple guide.
How to Cancel SoundCloud Go/Go+ Subscription
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How to Cancel SoundCloud Subscription?

Follow these simple steps given below in order to cancel your SoundCloud Subscription on your Android, iPhone or iPad device:-

Through Website/Android App:-

If you've purchased the subscription through SoundCloud website or Android app, then you can cancel it by signing in to your account before it expires by following these steps given below:-

1. Login to your SoundCloud account using a computer/laptop.

2. Go to your Subscriptions page.

3. Click on Edit icon next to your subscription name as shown below.
4. Click on Cancel Plan and confirm that you want to cancel the subscription as shown below.
Once you are done with all the steps given above you would have successfully cancelled your SoundCloud subscription.
Important Note: You cannot cancel your subscription via SoundCloud android app. You have to use a computer or a laptop in order to cancel it.

For iPhone/iPad Users:-

1. Go to Settings on your iPhone/iPad device.

2. Tap on your Apple ID.

It is near your profile picture or first name initials of your account.

3. Tap on iTunes & Apps Store.

4. Tap on your Apple ID.

5. Verify your Apple ID using your Passcode or Touch ID by clicking on View Apple ID.

6. Now tap on Subscriptions.

7. You will see SoundCloud Go or SoundCloud Go+ in your subscription list. Tap on Cancel subscription and this will cancel your subscription once your billing cycle ends.

Wrap Up on Cancellation of SoundCloud Go/Go+ Subscription:-

So here I have explained how to cancel your SoundCloud Go/Go+ subscription on your Android, iPhone, iPad or other iOS device by following our simple tips given above. Once you cancel the plan, you will get to use your current plan until the last day of subscription.

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