How to Change Your SoundCloud Name

A perfect name is really essential because it is the way by which other people can identify you on SoundCloud. By your name itself they will come to know about your music, playlists, profile etc.

You can easily edit your SoundCloud profile if you want to change your SoundCloud username or personal name. You have to simply go to your Profile settings screen to achieve this.
How to Change SoundCloud Name
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In my earlier post I have written about how to view SoundCloud Desktop site on phone. In this post I will help you how to change your SoundCloud Name.

How to Change SoundCloud Name?

Follow these steps given below in order to change your SoundCloud Name:-

1. First you have to visit the SoundCloud website and log in to your account.

2. Click your username on the top of the screen near menu bar.

3. Select Profile from the drop-down menu. This will will display your profile information.

4. Simply click on Edit button under your profile picture. This will load Profile settings screen.

5. Here you will get the option to change your SoundCloud username. You can also change your first and last names.

6. Click on Save Changes button once you are done.

Please note that the changes which you've made to your username just now will be applied to all your existing and future songs connected with your account.

How to Change Name in your SoundCloud URL

If you want to change the name in your SoundCloud URL follow the steps given below:-

1. On the Profile Settings page, Click on Edit icon next to Permalink.

2. Input your new permalink (i.e. the new name which you want to keep as your new URL)

Once you are done the URL will get changed to the new name which you have set in the previous step.

Wrap Up on How to Change SoundCloud Name:-

So here I have simply explained how to change your SoundCloud name by editing your profile information. You can also change the name in your Profile URL if you wanted to do so.

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