How to Download SoundCloud Songs/Music

SoundCloud have tons of popular and new artists who are getting famous day by day through their platform. If you are a fan of any such music artist and looking to download their songs or music collection then you are at the right place.

In my earlier post I have written about how to change SoundCloud name by editing your profile information. In this post I will show you how to download SoundCloud songs easily by following our simple guide.

How to Download SoundCloud Songs
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How to Download SoundCloud Songs?

You can download SoundCloud Songs by following any of the methods given below:-

1. The Official Method to Download Eligible Songs

This is the official method to download eligible songs. Here you have to simply login to your SoundCloud account.

1. In the search box, type your favorite song's name and then press the Enter key. You will get your favorite song in the search list.

2. Click on your favorite song name and this will open up the song's page.

3. If the artist of the song have enabled the download option, then you can see a Download button below the track just after the comment area like the one shown below.
But not all artist will enable this option, so for those musics or songs you can use the other methods given below.

2. Using Browser Extension

Using a browser extension like SoundCloud Downloader Free you can easily download Soundcloud songs. This browser extension is available for Chrome and Firefox.

I have explained the method for Chrome below. But the instructions are almost same for Firefox too. So let's get started:-

1. First you have to install SoundCloud Download Free extension by clicking on the below link as per your browser preference.

2. After the browser extension is installed, head over to find your favorite song you wish to download from SoundCloud.

3. Now you can see the Download button which only appears after you have installed the browser extension properly. It appears mainly below the song track, but sometime it can also be shown on top. Simply click on the Download button and you will get your desired song.

So this was the method to download SoundCloud Song using browser extension.

3. Using Third Party Websites

There are several websites available on internet which allows us to download SoundCloud songs. Some of the popular ones are SCDownloader and KickAud.

You have to just copy paste the link of the Song Track you want to Download and you can use any of these two websites to download the song track.

Wrap Up on How to Download SoundCloud Songs:-

So here I have explained how to download SoundCloud Songs in three ways. The first method is the official method which you can use only if an artist have enabled the download option for users.

In the second method you have to use a chrome browser extension like SoundCloud Downloader Free. The download button will appear once you've installed the extension successfully.

In the third method you can use any third party websites like KickAud or SCDownloader where you simply need to copy paste the song track link and then you get the option for Download.

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