How to Delete Duplicate Data on Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive formerly known as Amazon Cloud Drive is one of the several cloud drives provided by Amazon. It offers a state-of-the-art cloud storage solution that enables users to store their data on highly secure servers, and access them from anywhere in the world.

Amazon offers region-specific storage plans, which require some attention before the user can grasp them. However, users get a 3-month free trial right after they have registered an account. Amazon Drive can be easily accessed via your computer, smartphone as well as Fire Tablet and Amazon Kindle devices.

Amazon Drive has proven to be one of the most popular cloud storage medium over time, and for this reason, it enjoys a huge fan following. Kindle as well as Amazon Music purchases are all attached to the Amazon Drive account. Even though any data belonging to these categories does not count at all towards the Amazon Drive storage limit, it will create unnecessary clutter and disorganization if the user chooses to simply overlook it just because unlimited storage is available for Kindle and Amazon Music purchases.
How to Delete Duplicate Data on Amazon Drive
For other categories of data that the user has either uploaded on their own or synced via the Amazon Drive app, the need to look for and root out duplicates is even greater! Once the trial period is over, the user is required to use their plastic money if they wish to continue to use Amazon Drive. Now imagine what good is that subscription if the user is unknowingly bankrolling a good number of duplicate files on the cloud? And in most cases, this happens because the user didn’t organize the data properly on their computer and instead chose to sync entire folders (that are gigantic in size) or even hard disk partitions to the cloud.

The result is that all of the good data (which doesn’t contain any duplicates), as well as the duplicated copies and the clutter gets replicated on the cloud. And yes, cluttered data results in painfully slow searches as well. So next time if you were feeling hard done because a search was taking too long on Amazon Drive, ask yourself if you’ve ever scanned for duplicate data at all.

We’ve done some research and come up with a couple of methods that will guarantee you there isn’t a single duplicate file in your Amazon Drive account. So let’s look at both the methods in some detail.

The In-Depth Scan

First up is the real comprehensive method which will require the bare minimum input from you. However, you will be in the driver’s seat throughout the process. Its name is Clone Files Checker, and it is a purpose-built utility. It allows scanning for and weeding out duplicate data of all kinds from the computer system as well as select cloud drives. For other cloud drives (like Amazon Drive), the user can easily sync the drive to their computer and then scan the local folder that contains the duplicate data. Once this folder is freed of any duplicates, the changes will be synced to the cloud and any duplicates purged instantly.

Clone Files Checker claims it will detect and destroy each and every duplicate file from the target area. It does so by focusing ONLY on the content of the files being compared. This means that Clone Files Checker will not take into account the file name, size etc while looking for duplicate files. This is a big one because often times these details let the duplicates evade the duplicate cleanup, while on other occasions they result in genuine files being deleted. This software also claims that it will scan and detect virtually kind of duplicate file under the sun. This is a huge plus point and should be given some credit.You can use our Coupon to get discounted price on Clone Files Checker here.

Deleting Duplicate Data on Amazon Drive

And now here is the procedure outlined for your ease:-

1. Download and install Clone Files Checker.

2. Look for the green Add button in the Clone Files Checker user interface. Click it and now navigate to the local Amazon Drive folder and select it.

3. Now click the blue Start Search button and sit back while Clone Files Checker will do all the hard work.

4.Once the scan is over, it will give you a summary of the number of duplicate files detected as well as the space they are occupying. Click the Review & Fix button.

5. Click Select Duplicates and choose which kind of files you want to retain from each duplicate group.

6. Finally, click Select Action and choose between deleting the duplicates for good or moving them to a folder of your choice.

7. That’s it! Once the duplicates are cleaned up from this local Amazon Drive folder, the changes will be synced to the cloud to rid it from all the clutter and disorganization.

The Manual Way

This is a secondary kind of method, in which you have to take the initiative and do it all yourself. You will be required to arrange all the items in an alphabetical manner so that it becomes easier to spot any duplicates. Files are organized in a date wise manner in which the files were created, so be sure to click the Name tab on the top of the page.

Once you spot a duplicate file, deleting it is absolutely straightforward. And by the way, Amazon Drive holds all deleted files for a period of 30 days in case you need them back. Once the 30-day deadline passes, these files will be purged for good automatically!

These methods shall help you rid your account of duplicate data and free up valuable storage space. Cleaning up duplicates also ensures searches are faster, and your Amazon Drive data is in a neat and tidy state.

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