EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review - Is it the Best Data Recovery Software?

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition is one of the best performing software to recover all data from your USB drives, Hard drives, Memory Card, SSDs and other types of storage devices. It will help you to easily recover all your deleted, formatted/lost data from your PC, laptop or other removable devices quickly and efficiently.

In this post I will give a brief review about EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard free edition 12.8 version. This is a sponsored review for your kind information.
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 12.8 Review

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Let's get started with the Review of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard - Free Edition.

Introduction of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard:

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition 12.8 is a capable, all in one best performing and free data recovery software which will help you to recover all your lost data quickly and easily.

You can recover all accidentally deleted/damaged data from your formatted hard drives, USB drives, Memory card, crashed OS, SSD and other types of storage devices.

Some Amazing Features of this Software:

These are some top notch features of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard as follows:-

- Recovers accidentally deleted files
- Recovers formatted data from your disk
- Recovers data from Lost Partitions
- Recovers data from Empty Recycle bin.
- Recovery of data lost due to hard drive damage.
- Recovery of data against Virus attack.
- Recovers data lost due to OS Crash.
- Recovers data from RAW Partition.

Large File Support

It supports a large number of file types for several documents, graphics, videos, audios, emails and other types of files such as RAR, ZIP, ISO, EXE, etc.

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What you get in Version 12.8

In version 12.8 you get enhanced recovery for all original file names along with the directory structure of your lost data. You can detect files faster with the latest scanning technology.

You get optimized search function with more added filters for explicit recovery. Along with that you also get preview support which provides better file-type coverage.

Free Version of this software will allow you to recover 2 GB of data completely FREE. You get instant 500MB data recovery limit. To get additional 1.5 GB you have to simply share the software via Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

How to Recover your Lost Data with this Software

You can recover your lost data in 3 simple steps as follows:-

1. First you have to simply select a location to find your lost data from your computer or storage device.

2. Then you have to scan your computer or other storage device to retrieve your lost data. There is an option to pause the recovery progress temporarily and resume later.

3. Finally from the scanning results you have to preview your specific files and recover them in order to store it at your system.

So in these 3 simple steps you can recover all your lost data files easily.

Comparison of All Editions

You can always start up with this free tool to recover all your lost data but if you are planning to use the advanced features of this software then you can always upgrade to a Pro or Pro + WinPE plan. 

Technical Specifications:

Finally the technical specifications required to use this software are as follows:-

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 10, 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

Supported Devices: PC/Laptop, External Disk, Hard Drive, SSD, USB Drive, Micro Card, Camcorder, Digital Camera, RAID, Pen Drive,  Music/Video Player, CF/SD Card, Zip drive, Other storage devices.

Disk Space: 32MB minimum space required for installation of this software.

File System: FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, ext2/ext3, HFS+, ReFS

RAM: Minimum 128 MB is required.

CPU: Minimum x86 is required.

Final Thoughts of this Review:

So finally we can say that EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition 12.8 is one of the best data recovery software which will help you to recover all your lost data. The data recovery speed and the quality of this software is superb.

If you want to recover data up to 2GB then this software is a great choice. You don't need to buy a pro version as this free version will help you to recover your data easily.

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