MS Excel Shortcut Keys - 53 Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

If you want to master in Microsoft Excel, then you need to learn MS Excel Shortcut Keys to increase your productivity and enhance your skills. You would be surprised to know that there are several keyboard shortcuts that can speed up your work.

We can't memorize each and every keyboard shortcuts because everyone have different needs. And we only remember those shortcuts which we are using frequently.

In my earlier post I have written about How to Freeze Rows and Columns in Excel. In this post I will write about some amazing Ms Excel Shortcut Keys.

MS Excel Shortcut Keys

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MS Excel Shortcut Keys

So here is a full list of MS Excel Shortcut Keys for your convenience:-

Ctrl + A : Select All Contents of an Excel worksheet

Ctrl + B : Makes the Selected Cell Bold

Ctrl + C : Copies the selected cell or all cells which are highlighted

Ctrl + D : Fills down the cell beneath with contents of the selected cell.

Ctrl + F : To Search anything in the worksheet or to Find and Replace.

Ctrl + G : Go to a certain area on the worksheet.

Ctrl + H : to use Find and Replace function

Ctrl + I : to make the contents of the selected cell Italics.

Ctrl + K : Inserts a Hyperlink

Ctrl + L: to open Create Table

Ctrl + N : Creates a new workbook

Ctrl + O : Opens an existing workbook

Ctrl + P : Prints the current worksheet

Ctrl + R : Fills right cell with the content of the selected cell.

Ctrl + S : Saves the workbook

Ctrl + U : Adds or remove Underline to the content of the selected cell

Ctrl + V : Paste the copied item of a particular cell to the selected cell

Ctrl + W: To close a Workbook

Ctrl + X : Cut the selected cell or all cells which are highlighted

Ctrl + Y : To (Redo) repeat the last action

Ctrl + Z : To Undo the last action

Ctrl + F1 : To show or hide Ribbon

Ctrl+F2 : To see Print Preview

Ctrl + F4 : To close an Excel sheet

Ctrl + F9 : Minimizes workbook window

Ctrl + Tab : To switch between open workbooks

Ctrl + 0 : Hides the selected column

Ctrl + 1 : Changes Format of the selected cell

Ctrl + 2 : Makes the content of the selected cell Bold

Ctrl + 3 : Makes the content of the selected cell Italic

Ctrl + 4 :  Underlines the content of the selected cell

Ctrl + 5 : To add or remove a strikethrough in a particular cell

Ctrl + 6 : Show or Hide an object

Ctrl + 7 : Show or hide the Toolbar

Ctrl + 8 : Toggles the outline symbols

Ctrl + 9 : Hides selected rows

Tab : Move next to the right of the selected cell

Esc : Cancels an entry in a cell

F1 : Open the Help option

F2 : To edit a cell

F3 : To paste names (if cells are named in the sheet)

F4 : Repeats the last command

F5 : Go to a specified cell

F6 : Move to next pane

F7 : Checks for spelling errors in the selected text  or document

F8 : to enter Extend mode

F9 : Calculate worksheets in open workbook

F10 : is used to activate Menu bar

F11 :  Creates a bar chart of the selected data on a new sheet.

F12 : Open Save As option

Shift + F3 : to insert a function

Shift + F9 : to perform calculate function on active worksheets

Shift + F11 : is used to insert a new worksheet

Final Thoughts on MS Excel Shortcut Keys:

So finally these MS Excel Shortcut keys will help you master in Excel and makes you a strong candidate for any Excel job position.

It will become more easier to remember all Excel shortcut keys if you keep on using it in your daily work life.

If you want more help on Excel, simply press the F1 key on your keyboard and you will get the help menu from where you can search for "keyboard shortcuts" in order to learn more about it.

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